Is advertising really dead?

Rest-in-Peace-the-Demise-of-a-Brand-300x300According to  Denise Lee Yohn advertising is no longer a reliable method for raising brand awareness and attracting brand prospects. For every successful advertising campaign, there are at least five that have failed.   Is she right?Great brands know that brands are built not by what you say, but by what you do according to Ms Yohn but if that’s the case why is still a top brand when there are a ton of media stories about how they mistreat employees?

Ms Yohn goes on to say “vital customer relationships now require ongoing interactions between companies and customers. ”  Sorry but I don’t want an ongoing relationship with 99% of the brands in my life because frankly I don’y have time for them.


Behind great brands are great marketing people who understand just how much consumers want to snuggle with their brands.  I mean I love Bumble Bee tuna but all I want is for my local market to have their products in stock.

Then there is the case of Apple.  One could make the argument that their marking is marginal while their products are exceptional.  In fact there have been times in the past when Apple has denied product problems only to acknowledge them much later yet people still wait online for new iPhones.

As for advertising being dead my response is that it depends on the product category.  If Ben and Jerry’s has a new ice cream flavor that I want to try I probably will hear about it via a TV ad even though I might be multitasking with my iPad.


On the tip side the annoying ads for insurance companies and new cars are not going to sway me one bit despite the frequency that wastes a lot of money.  In this case  Ms Yohn is quite correct in that these campaigns waste money.  All you have to  do is Google Liberty Mutual sticks to learn that they are not the warm agency as portrayed in their commercials.



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