How advertisers ruined TV

old-television1Mobile devices make up an increasing share of TV and video viewing with 72 percent of consumers using mobile devices at least weekly for video viewing. Even late adopters are becoming advanced video users with as many as 41 percent of 65–69 year olds studied stream on-demand/time shifted TV and video content on more than weekly basis.

The number of commercials in the typical hour of television has grown steadily during the last five years, according to a study from the ratings measurement firm Nielsen. The rise in commercials can be attributed to two factors: Broadcast and cable networks are allotting more time for commercials, and advertisers are increasingly using shorter spots to hawk their products. In 2009, the broadcast networks averaged 13 minutes and 25 seconds of commercial time per hour. In 2013, that figure grew to 14 minutes and 15 seconds.


The growth has been even more significant on cable television. In 2009, cable networks averaged 14 minutes and 27 seconds per hour. Last year, the average was 15 minutes and 38 seconds.  In 2009, 30-second spots accounted for 62% of all ads on television; 15-second spots were just 35%. In 2013, the percentage of 30-second ads fell to 53% and 15-second spots increased to 44%.

If the anyone questions where the viewers went all you need to do is look at the repetitive commercials on TV that have viewers saying “I don’t have time for this anymore”.  Advertisers like car insurance companies also have to share some blame and they rank as the top annoying spots that drive viewers away.

It seems that advertisers have forgot about effective frequency and reach and really believe, wrongly, that seeing a spot for the 1000th time is going to lead to more sales.  In fact, it may be doing just the opposite.  Research recently indicated that consumers would ignore brands who advertise too much and instead focus on brands that offer both a better value and overall brand experience.

In the meantime Flo needs a good hard bitch slap.

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