Advertisers pat themselves on the back for Super Bowl ads

Ways-Small-Business-Owners-Waste-MoneyIs it any wonder that most executives feel that marketers are disconnected from accountability?  All you have to do is read the posts on social media from the ad industry megaphones like Ad Age and Adweek to see how the industry is patting themselves on the back for ads that ran during the Superbowl while not talking about the objective of advertising to actually sell the product.

I watched the Super Bowl like the tens of millions of other people, but I am not likely to go out and purchase a Snickers bar, a McDonalds meal or Budweiser beer.  For some unknown reason marketers actually believe that people talking about their commercials are more important than ads that actually drive people to buy products. They have been taken in by swindlers disguised as social media experts who tell them that it’s imperative to have people talking about their brands on Facebook or Twitter.


In my career of working with CPG brands we consistently had to demonstrate to management that what we were doing was actually driving business.  But, let’s be honest here..this is about the buddy buddy “business of marketing”.  A business where marketing VP’s are made to feel big because of the money they spend on the Super Bowl and creative executives at agencies going to France to get awards for ads that entertain but don’t make customers out of consumers.

Marketers would be wise to understand that consumers are smarter than they are and they’re not going to fall for a lost puppy making them purchase beer they dislike.  Sure, it was cute, but Budweiser wasted over $100 million on spots during the big game at a time when over 44% of younger beer drinkers have not even tried Budweiser and have no desire to.

Agencies would have been better advised to persuade clients to spend money where it actually would have done what advertising is designed to do… sell your brand.