What have you actually done?

bslistThis morning I read an article on “Top 50 Content Marketing Thought Leaders”.  While there were some good people on the list I wonder how anyone can be considered a marketing thought leader without having a record of actually of actually working on a brand?  I mean has Jay Baer actually been responsible for any successes other than writing a book and getting paid to speak at events?  It’s time to stop being impressed by numbers and time to start asking “what have you actually done?”

Content marketing is a hot topic right now, but before you run out and pay for a bunch of content you should know that there is a good chance that users will consume your content and purchase from your competitor of you’re not hitting on all brand touchpoints.

But let’s get back to the marketing through the leader list.  I am proud to say that I have a great portfolio of hard won accomplishments while working in a corporate business environment.  It wasn’t easy, but each one has given me invaluable experience and made me both a better marketer and manager.


I’m not one to read books or worship “experts” who are great at telling us what to do but have never done it themselves.  Yet at any marketing conference you’re likely to see them on stage as self appointed experts whose only success is self-promotion or promoting their agency.  Why does this happen? Because there is a severe shortage of marketers who can actually think for themselves and who are grasping at straws for any success in a consumer empowered world.  These are the same people who spend a lot of time and money on social media because the experts told us to and now are scratching their heads because Facebook admits that organic brand posts have less than a 1% reach.

Rather than follow lists of top this or top that look at the person and ask “what have you actually done to add value to a real business or brand?”