57% of consumers will abandon a website if the page does not load within 3 seconds

When surfing the Internet consumers are impatient and often have ADHD.  A one-second delay in page load time could mean a decline of 7% in conversion, 11% fewer page views and a 16% decrease in customer satisfaction.  57% of consumers will abandon a website if the page does not load within 3 seconds and 80% of these people will not return.   While there is a rush into digital marketing a lot of companies are forgetting basic processes to ensure a good consumer experience.

The two most critical parts of any website are your homepage design and your website load time.   Too many homepages look more like an overcrowded bulletin board than an enticing branded experience.  They have so many calls to action that a lot of times consumers don’t know where to go first.


The other issue that consumers are frustrated by, especially on mobile devices, are webpage load times.  There are a lot of things that can slow down your website including too many graphics and pages that are not optimized for different types of browsers.  While it’s great to have a lot of images on your homepage remember that they can often slow down the load time of  your website significantly.

Problems like these usually happens when someone in marketing wants eye candy and doesn’t understand that everything you do on the Web needs to be tested as much as you test positioning and advertising.   Here are some guidelines;

1ne: When you are redesigning your site,  or getting ready to launch a site,  ALWAYS conduct usability studies with your audience to ensure that it meets their expectations as well as driving brand goals.

2wo: Always test and validate your site whenever a change is made.  This means testing page load times with a variety of browsers like Firefox, Google’s Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer and Rockmelt.  Tests should be conducted to determine load times at different Internet connection speeds.  You should also test your website on mobile devices like tablets and smart phones.

3hree: Simplify your home page.  Don’t have too many calls to action.  Think of it this way; if someone has 3-5 seconds to view your homepage what do you want them to take away from their visit ?

4our: Have more than one homepage.  Different homepages tied to different keywords because one message does not work for microsegmented consumers.

5ive: Use intuitive navigation. Intuitive navigation is navigation that is logical and based on the way a website visitor would go through your site based on the questions they have about your product.

Time is money and nowhere is that more important than on your website.


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  1. “57% of consumers will abandon a website if the page does not load within 3 seconds”

    When surfing YES but a slow website of a bank is accepted because of online banking or a slow starting Facebook….because friends are there.

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