95% Of Facebook Wall Posts Not Answered By Brands

Excuse me ?  Social media is a conversation and you’re supposed to listen and respond to consumers in Internet time not when you have approval or can get responses cleared by your legal people.   The telecommunications and airline sectors had the highest rates of answered wall posts, but even those were woefully low, at 26 percent and 28 percent, respectively.  Socialbakers believes the response rate to wall posts should be 65 percent –75 percent — a mark not even remotely approached.   Information in social media spreads extremely fast, and that really is a game changing thing, even for the internet and brands that don’t respond to wall posts are letting others take over their brands message.

Even on Twitter most companies are not listening to consumer complaints.  Despite increasing numbers of customers using Twitter to publicly complain about brands, the vast majority of companies respond in the exact same way….with the the sounds of silence.   A study found that 83% of the complainants that received a reply liked or loved the fact that the company responded.  Now can you imagine what happens when somebody asks a question and hears the deafening noise of silence ?  It really can piss them off.

The reasons why customer complaints go unanswered don’t really matter, what does matter is that you’re probably loosing customers because of you are not talking to them and those are customers that cost you a lot of money to acquire.

Key Takeaway(s)

1ne:  You need to have someone listening to your brands social media presence and, more importantly, responding when someone posts a complaint or asks a question.  Even if you can’t answer the question right away you need to at least acknowledge that someone has a problem and wants to be heard.

2wo: Make sure you have the resources to administer your social media marketing efforts.  This means more than just someone checking your FB or Twitter account once or twice a day.  It means that they have a desktop notification system that let’s them know when new posts are made so you can respond in Internet time.

3hree: Allow the people who are the voice of your brand on social media to solve customer problems.  Don’t make them jump through hoops or get approvals to put out fires.  Reward people who turn inquiries or angry customers into satisfied customers.

4our: Social media is about the art of the conversation.  Nobody and I mean nobody wants to go through the process of saying something negative about your brand unless they are already angry.  Also remember that these are just the people who have the time to ask a question or post a negative comment, for everyone who does there are probably 5 who don’t have the time.

5ive: Take the questions/issues and you get via social media and turn them into FAQ‘s on your website but do not just refer someone to the FAQ section when they have a question.  It’s about helping consumers get the information they need in a fast and responsive way not sending them to sort through a lot of FAQ’s.

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