80% of US Households still use FSI’s and printed info for product information

Even as consumers embrace digital channels for retailer marketing, traditional touch points have a bigger effect on product choices than digital according to Nielsen. Retailers should maintain and optimize spending on traditional circulars, since these will continue to be shoppers’ main source of information for the near term.

[inlinetweet prefix=”” tweeter=”” suffix=””]I’m a digital marketer and understand the importance of digital to marketing but I also understand that digital is not that important for 99% of the items people purchase everyday[/inlinetweet].

[inlinetweet prefix=”” tweeter=”” suffix=””]I continue to find, with CPG clients, that POP along with in-store promotion and FSI’s have a bigger ROI than digital[/inlinetweet].  I mean, do consumers really need to go to a frozen pizza brand’s website?   Yet all over the web I read that more marketers are going to spend more money on things like social media, which is dead, and programmatic ads, which are inundated with fraud. Welcome to the flock where sheep follow other sheep.

So am I saying that digital is not important at all? No, of course not.  You still need a product website and you need to listen to social media, but for goodness sakes, even Nielsen is showing that FSI’s are still viable for 80% of shoppers.

The other canards being circulated around the Internet, in the form of predictions for 2018, are:

1ne: Video marketing will become more popular – even though[inlinetweet prefix=”” tweeter=”” suffix=””] the vast majority of people only watch 3-5 seconds of video before terminating and that major browsers are going to stop playing video automatically.[/inlinetweet]

2wo: Content marketing – I have heard this lie time and time again.  The truth is that consumers just don’t have the time to read your content and could care less.

3hree: More investment in programmatic – This, to me, makes no sense at all.  If your company is spending money on online advertising, you are almost certainly being robbed.Google reported that 56% of online display ads that are paid for by advertisers are never seen by a live human being. (And remember, Google is one of the world’s largest sellers of online display ads.) Recently The New York Times ran a story claiming that 57% of online video ads are never seen. CNET reported on a study by research firm Incapsula that found only 38% of traffic on the web is human.  Kraft announced that it was rejecting 75-85% of the online ad impressions it was being offered because they were “fraudulent , unsafe, non-viewable or unknown.”

[inlinetweet prefix=”” tweeter=”” suffix=””]Marketers are once again being taken in by companies that make money from their ignorance.[/inlinetweet] “You need big data” or “you need an agency that can execute programmatic advertising”.  It just shows me that most are brain dead and just don’t get it.

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