The power of effective POP displays: 76% of grocery purchases unplanned

The in-store decision rate is calculated by taking the sum of the purchases that fall under Generally Planned, Unplanned, and Substitutes categories. Today the in-store decision rate has reached an all time high of 76%.Shoppers are specifically planning less and deciding more at the shelf, suggesting today’s shopper is more flexible than ever.  And you thought social media was driving their purchase decisions…


What should brands take away from this research ?

1ne: POP displays and packaging are still a very important part of your marketing mix.

2wo: Social media alone is NOT the answer to increasing sales. Think of social media as a small contact point for most brands in grocery stores

3hree: Spend the money where it will do the most good..that could be on POP displays.

4our: Spend time visiting retailers and see how your product category is being merchandised compared to others.

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4 Comments on “The power of effective POP displays: 76% of grocery purchases unplanned”

  1. Wow. Is it really that much? I would agree that much of the choices made while shopping are based off of what looks the best and is most cost-effective at the time, so it is definitely something that marketers should keep in mind.

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