2019 Consumer “types”

SUMMARY: Grouping consumers solely by demographics while looking at their buying behavior and purchase decision-making can give a skewed view of their daily habits and long-term lifestyle choices. Instead, Euromonitor International’s annual Consumer Types Series looks beyond standard demographics and profiles distinct personality-driven consumer types at both the global and country-level.

The results from their annual Lifestyles survey draw on consumers’ personal attitudes and traits such as media consumption, buying behaviors, individual aspirations and more. This segmentation empowers companies to think creatively about potential customers and create products and campaigns tailored to consumers’ interests and attitudes,

Global Consumer Type Profiles

Impulsive Spender

15% of global consumers 51% male

Concept of woman shopping and holding bags closeup images

“I love finding bargains.” Impulsive Spenders, as the name suggests, frequently make impulsive purchases if they feel that they have found a good deal. They are eager to treat themselves and prefer to live in the present, rather than focus on the future. Impulsive Spenders are not very concerned with internet privacy.

Conservative Homebody

13% of global consumers 51% male

“Family matters most to me.”Conservative Homebodies often focus on personal issues, such as home, family and spirituality. Not comfortable in the spotlight, they prefer to let others lead. Conservative Homebodies appreciate shopping but are not very image-conscious or particularly materialistic.

Minimalist Seeker

12% of global consumers 55% female

“I choose to focus on the simpler things.”Minimalist Seekers do not place much importance on their image and strive to live within a modest lifestyle. Not only do they value saving money, but they are also unlikely to buy branded products or spend money on items that are not considered essential.

Secure Traditionalist

12% of global consumers 52% male

“I am content with where I am in life.”Secure Traditionalists actively avoid shopping. They are unlikely to seek strong branded or premium products and prefer to save rather than spend.

Undaunted Striver

10% of global consumers 56% male

“I want to have and be the best.”Undaunted Strivers are highly tech-savvy and image-conscious. When shopping, they are interested in trying new things and often seek branded and premium goods.

Empowered Activist

9% of global consumers 51% male

“I believe that I have the power to affect change.”Empowered Activists feel they can make a difference. They are concerned with global issues and, as a result, value quality and durable products to reduce their footprint.

Inspired Adventurer

8% of global consumers 53% female

“I strive to get more out of life.”Inspired Adventurers like to try new things. They have big plans and are interested in living abroad or being self-employed. Most Inspired Adventurers anticipate an increase in their spending.

Digital Enthusiast

6% of global consumers 54% female

“I incorporate technology in all areas of my life.”Digital Enthusiasts love all things related to technology. They are likely to enjoy virtual experiences more than ones in real-life and are avid shoppers of the latest technology devices.

Balanced Optimist

5% of global consumers 51% female

“I am confident in myself and the future.”Balanced Optimists prefer quality over quantity. They place importance on personal health and well-being and seek value for their spending.

Cautious Planner

4% of global consumers 51% female

“I know what I want in life.”Cautious Planners are careful with their money and rarely make impulsive purchases. They are more comfortable with traditional methods of commerce and are less likely to use credit cards.

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