Is 2014 the year for marketers?

experianAccording to Experian Marketing Services “2014 is the year that marketers will lead massive change within their organizations. They’ll convince leadership that building and maintaining 1:1 connections with top customers is not only table stakes but imperative to success. And they’ll help define the strategies, processes and technologies that will shake up the status quo and make such connections happen. “

Today’s consumer gobbles up more and more control of the so-called “buyer’s journey,” while marketers work hard to deal with a stunning reversal in the brand-consumer power dynamic.

Modern consumers do not traverse marketing “channels,” they do not represent some archetypical “buyer persona,” nor do they envision themselves engaged in the “buyer’s journey.” No, in their minds, they are simply shopping or searching for products, services and information about something of interest to them.


The move to cross-channel marketing is not without its share of challenges. Marketers in the study identified their company’s current technology as the top barrier to cross-channel marketing.


Organizational structure and budget also prove challenging for marketers as they implement their cross-channel strategies. In the U.S., budget is the top barrier, and organizational structure and linkage tie for second with 36 percent of marketers.

With all the different ways consumers can and do interact with brands, it is increasingly difficult for marketers to really know the attitudes and behaviors of their best customers.


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