10 things I learned from blogging

bloggsPOST SUMMARY: There are some shared lessons that I would like to share from my many years of blogging to well over 100,000 people a month.  If there is one KEY lesson I learned it’s keep it simple !

Blogging for me is a passion.  I maintain 3 Blogs and use a variety of web analytics to track visitors.  I have been blogging for close to 5 years and here are some key lessons:

1ne: Keep the layout simple and use white backgrounds – Again and again in various usability studies users prefer to read black text on white backgrounds.

2wo: Limit calls to action – Your website should not be like a bulletin board with multiple attention grabbing widgets or callouts.


3hree: Know your audience – Notice that I now have a post summary.  I know my audience consists of mostly agency and marketing people who don’t always have time to read my full posts.  In addition research has shown that people who share your posts usually don’t read the entire post.

4our: Use recent post widgets to highlight past posts – It’s a good way to share content because visitors usually don’t view past posts that are not visible.

5ive: Delete outdated posts – Why leave them to take up space?

6ix: Be yourself and say what’s on your mind – Enough of this political corrected garbage.


7even: Always say thank you when someone posts a comment.

8ight: Beware the Internet/blogging trolls – They usually are compensating for an anatomy shortfall.

9ine: Don’t always accept guest posts – some are trying to leverage the traffic in your blog to another site.

1oen: Give it time – Don’t think that your blog is going to earn you a lot of money or get a lot of visitors overnight.  It takes time.

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