10 things every marketer should know by now

What are the key lessons that are continually being reinforced via new stories on the Web ?  Well first we are seeing the shine come off the social media hype train as marketers look at new digital platforms and geting back to basics like ensuring their products are promoted at retail.  It seems that a lot of brands believed social media was THE answer to their problems but in reality it’s another piece of the puzzle for a great integrated marketing strategy.  Here are 10 things that every marketer should know by now…

1ne:  Social media is not a tactic, nor a strategy.  It’s part of an integrated marketing approach to marketing in an age of empowered consumers.

2wo: Consumers are not going to go back to their free spending ways even when the economy shows signs of improving.  They have been burned by a do nothing Congress that they realize more and more that the only ones they can depend on are themselves.  Sure they might still treat themselves once in awhile but for the most part it’s going to be needs over wants.

3hree: Social media is not going to save bad marketing or products.  You have to ensure that every brand touchpoint is executed well within customer expectations not just have a great Facebook page.

4our: Your social media marketing should not be executed by a PR agency unless you are targeting investors.  People want to talk to the brand not to a PR agency mouthpiece. Also be wary of people who call themselves “social media experts” because in this era of rapidly changing consumer behavior nobody is an expert.

5ive: Mass market advertising is becoming more expensive and less effective.  Today it’s about relevant messages to a relevant audience.

6ix: Social media marketing may or may not be right for your brand/product.  A like on Facebook may not translate into brand objectives and people may not choose to follow your brand on their homepage feeds.  Don’t rely on benchmarking reports because what worked at one company may not work at your company.

7even: Social media is a great way to conduct market research but online “tools” can only tell you so much you need someone who can take this data and turn it into actionable insights.

8ight: The biggest gap in online marketing right now is the chasm between data and having someone who can turn this data into recommendations.  Any geek can set up pages or analytics but it takes a marketer who understands the why and how consumers use the Internet to bridge brand objectives with user needs.

9ine: Processes should be aligned with your customers and prospects not your departments.

10en: Everyone in your company is a marketer.  This includes HR and customer service people.

If any of these points comes as a surprise to you than you had better start spending more time online reading every piece of material you can on marketing via the Internet and consumer behavior.