10 reasons there is bad marketing

badmarketingHave you ever watched a TV commercial and wondered “what in the hell were they thinking?” or been in a store and seen some really bad packaging or product placement ?  Despite the emphasis on ROI there is still a lot of marketing dollars being wasted on things that don’t add value to the brand or customers.  I would even go as far to say there is still way too much emphasis on the “business of marketing” instead of on customers.  Here is my list of why there is still so much bad marketing.

1ne: The head of marketing is more of a politician than a marketer.  He/she cares more about their standing within the organization and not making mistakes than in improving marketing.  Empire builders believe that the more people they manage and the bigger the budget, the greater the chance they’ll get promoted.


2wo: Too much into numbers and too far removed from customers.  The daily and monthly flash report has become the center of their activities.

3hree: Know-It-All Dictator: The top dog doesn’t leave room for disagreements out of a sense of personal insecurity, arrogance, or both.  The loyalty of the few cronies he or she has is built on fear, and so isn’t authentic friendship (hey, it also means those cronies could stage a coup at some point and throw him or her out). This often results in a dulled level of commitment and enthusiasm on the part of other employees and partners who may stop telling the truth or even start lying just to avoid the boss’s wrath.


4our: Wasteful or Out-of-Whack Use of Resources: Leaders who allocate budgets to business units or departments based on favoritism and power centers rather than actual business needs, innovation, or performance are wasting talent, plain and simple.

5ive: Talks Too Much, Does Too Little: You can’t just talk about great ideas; you have to implement them, too. When you’re all talk and no action, rank-and-file employees become disillusioned.

6ix: Is in love with TV because it gives him/her the spotlight.  Enough said here.

7even: Refuses to fund initiatives that work even when positive ROI is shown because budgets are budgets.

8ight: Is afraid to take risks and make mistakes. 

9ine: Is too far removed from the realities of competing in today’s marketplace.

10en: Believes the numbers behind market research available online even though the analysis maybe written by someone who is a journalist rather than a marketer.

What else should be added to this list ?


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