The challenge of digital marketing

Domain-Name-450x337When it comes to developing mobile apps, creating products for new devices, and unifying the customer experience cross-channel, less than one quarter of companies report they “always succeed,” while more than 60 percent “often or sometimes fail” according to aForrester study commissioned by Elastic Path.

The 3 key challenges in delivering successful digital projects survey respondents were identified as:

1. Not enough designers and developers. New and innovative projects that require skilled resources, and capacity to get the job done, and responsibility often falls on the shoulders of an already stretched IT team.

2. An inability to respond fast enough. As with many IT projects, time to market for new digital experiences is hindered by resource and technology constraints.

3. Unsuitable technology. Existing enterprise applications are often not equipped to handle multiple devices, clients and create a consistent customer experience across channels and touchpoints.


While this is a good start there are also a lot of other challenges as well..

1ne: Marketers who like “look and feel” of digital assets without testing the concepts with users.  I am still amazed at how may brands don’t conduct usability studies with their websites.  Marketers are too much in love with fancy eye candy but the Internet is about users not you.

2wo: Processes that consumer resources and slow implementation to a crawl – If you can’t implement with speed and quality you need to realign your organization.  Too many antiquated IT processes such as change orders, tech and functional specs sign off’s can cripple an organizations response time.

3hree: A disconnect between the importance of digital marketing with their target audience.  Some brands have been sold a bill of goods that they have to spend a lot of money on digital marketing but do marketers really understand how important digital assets are when it comes to the moment of truth (conversion) for consumers ?


Finally there is the inability of marketers to clearly communicate to senior executives the importance of digital marketing to the brand.  Most senior executives don’t have time to keep up on digital marketing trends and you have to be the one to help them sort through the hype and the reality of digital marketing ROI.

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