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You have 5-10 seconds to communicate your brand messages

Users often leave Web pages in 5-10 seconds, so your web pages need to communicate a  clear value proposition.  As users rush through Web pages, they have time to read only a quarter of the text on the pages they actually visit (let alone all those they don’t). So, unless your writing is extraordinarily clear and focused, little of what you say on your website will get through to customers.  This is why you need a professional to write content as well design your landing pages. Continue reading »

An estimated 31 percent of ad impressions can’t be viewed by users.

With such a glut of impressions from all media and the number of impressions with which people are bombarded with every day, ad impressions don’t matter anymore. It’s an arcane notion that’s a holdover from a time when there wasn’t as much media.  There’s a big difference between seeing an ad on a page of content that contains one uninteresting paragraph and twelve ads, and seeing a single ad on a page that is relevant to the ad and covers a topic for which the user is highly passionate and engaged. Continue reading »

The more content you have on your page the less people read it

Steelwrist_Speed1-290x290Internet users don’t really read content online, at least according to a study by Dr. Nielsen on reading behaviors of people on his website. His analysis shows that people only read 28% of the text on a web page and decreased the more text there is on the page.  Here are some rules to follow when you have a lot of content. In an ADHD online environment more content might actually hurt you than help you.  If users have to scroll more than once to read your content you’re already in trouble. Continue reading »

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