Super Bowl advertising

80% of Super Bowl advertisers wasting their money

wasted__marketing_money-300x300The $4 million advertisers spend for a 30-second Big Game ad actually buys a much bigger chance that their ads won’t work, according to the Tucson, Ariz.-based firm. In general, Communicus has found about 60% of ads it tests don’t increase purchase or purchase intent. But let’s be honest here, an ad on the Super Bowl is more about ego’s than driving brand objectives. Continue reading »

When commercials become entertainment

flawedMarketing 101: Advertising is supposed to sell your product not just to get people talking about it.   The hype is on and now there are previews for Super Bowl commercials all over the web (yawn).  After the Super Bowl the media will list the winners and losers but who is going to talk about the failure of commercials to really drive conversion ?  Did the Honda commercial, last year, with the spoof on Ferris Bueller lead to more sales of the CR-V?   In summary just because someone is talking about your product or brand is no guarantee consumers are going to become your customer. Continue reading »

The Superbowl spots are sold out (wise or dumb)

broken-televisionHere we go again.  It doesn’t matter who plays in the Superbowl because what has become just as big are the commercials which pepper the game.  There will be the usual scorecard of good ones and bad ones but what will not be examined is exactly what that $3-$4 million did for the brand and business objectives.  After all this is a chance for agencies to say “look what we did” .  Why should it be about selling product ? Continue reading »

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