The worst kept secret in social media marketing

Shhhh !  It’s a secret that only a few of us know about.  What is it ?  It’s that most consumers do not want to be friends with a brand. That’s right. You see today there are very view iconic brands that people love to say “I’m a fan” and even though they purchase your product they will drop you like a bad habit if you don’t give them a reason to continue to purchase your brand beyond the product itself. Continue reading »

96% of companies use social media for ads and promotions

img_bad-120x120“There are none so blind as those that refuse to see”.  Using social media for ads and promotions is not social media marketing; it’s old school marketing 101 of going where everyone goes.  And marketers wonder why over 70% of people who “Like” brands on Facebook stop following brands or don’t see their feeds in Facebook pages ?  If you talked to people the way marketers talk to consumers they would bitch slap you. Continue reading »

Viewing customers as people to be helped, not markets to be taken advantage of

158277500_80_80How much longer can some brands, products and services continue to treat its customers like trash.  The airlines still haven’t learned that traveling today is akin to root canal and causes people a lot of stress.  Rather than raise fares to pay its people well and give us basic services beyond a soft drink and small bag of chips they would rather charge us for checked luggage and pretty soon probably will be charging customers for use of the facilities onboard the aircraft.  Then there are the brands that are active on social media but use it as a megaphone to broadcast irrelevant information while ignoring the questions of prospects and current customers.  This happens way to much and if marketers don’t change the way they view customers they are going to be paying more and more money to get new ones.
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72% of marketers agreed that measuring ROI from social media was too hard,

squarepegFinally marketers are coming to the realization that social media marketing is not the magic key that is going to lead to more sales and profits.  While some would like to say that there is a science to measuring ROI which requires money to do a lot of brand people know that they live or die with the daily or weekly FLASH sales reports that cross their desks.  Measuring social media is hard there is no doubt about it but do you need to really measure every marketing initiative you implement or is it better to look at the whole marketing engine and tune it up so that each cylinder is providing maximum output ?
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Even Starbucks can have a social media marketing screw-up

r-STARBUCKS-SPREAD-THE-CHEER-large570The voices of the masses are amplified on Twitter as Starbuck’s recently learned when a social media campaign backfired in the UK.  The coffee giant recently asked customers to tweet out some holiday cheer, using the hashtag “#SpreadTheCheer.” What the company instead received was a slew of tweets using the hashtag to criticize Starbucks’ low tax rates and labor policies in the United Kindom, according to the Telegraph. What’s worse, the critical and at times profanity-laced tweets were displayed on a giant screen at London’s Natural History museum, where the company sponsors the ice rink. Can you say “Ooops” ! Continue reading »

73% of CEOs Think Marketers Lack Business Credibility

Well it looks like marketers haven’t quite sold CEO’s on the value of marketing and branding and frankly they have nobody to blame but themselves.  The Fournaise Marketing Group found that marketers focus too much on the latest marketing trends such as social media, because they believe they represent the new marketing frontiers – but can rarely demonstrate how these trends will help them generate more business for the company (74%).  In other words they are doing because they are high on the social media propaganda not because of ROI to brand/business objectives. Continue reading »

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