Social media strategy

What makes a successful digital/social media marketing person ?

Why is it taking so long for companies and marketer to embrace technology when it comes to digital marketing ? Could it be because there are too many bureaucrats who are worried about what others within your company are going to think about what you do rather than doing what is necessary to bring your digital marketing into the 21st century ?

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The biggest mistake brands make about social media

According to Harvard Business ReviewOnly 23% of the consumers in a study said they have a relationship with a brand. In the typical consumer’s view of the world, relationships are reserved for friends, family and colleagues. That’s why, when you ask the 77% of consumers who don’t have relationships with brands to explain why, you get comments like “It’s just a brand, not a member of my family.” (What consumers really want when they interact with brands online is to get discounts).”  So then why is there so much misinformation about social media marketing ? Continue reading »

Social media strategy ? We don’t need one !

According to Digital Brand Expressions “While 78% percent of the respondents said they are using social media, only 41% of them said they have a strategic plan in place for their social media usage, leaving close to 60% without a game plan for their social media activities. This clearly shows that they either don’t understand the implications of social media marketing or don’t care about an important brand touchpoint. Continue reading »

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