Making social media marketing about people

social-media-noise-300x225-120x120Seth Godin said “every company at a certain stage ends up with two sorts of employees… some that work hard to improve the experience and value for the original customers, and some that tear down that experience and value in order to please shareholders in the short run.  It’s not surprising, but it’s sad.”.   That pretty much sums up why there is so much really bad and irrelevant social media marketing; it can’t be just about you, it has to be about people and having someone administer your social media as a real person not a salesperson. Continue reading

Top 10 mistakes of social media marketing

G6XD2There is no doubt that resources are hard to come by today as brands look to cut costs to make numbers.  Probably the biggest surprise I hear from clients, when presenting the “under the hood” of social media implementation,  is “I had no idea that many resources were needed to do it”.   Continue reading