What your website says about you

Your company or branded website communicates who you are to your target audience.  The question is now whether it works for you the question is “how many sales are you losing because of your website ?”   Today the best websites are one which are clean and functional and communicate your key brand messages within a few seconds.  It starts with black text on a white background but it also needs look professional and not like it was done by someone at home with a computer and Internet connection. Continue reading

Measuring social media

By far the biggest challenge for most brands and marketers is “what exactly is social media doing for our brand & business objectives ?”   Executives want clear examples of ROI not vanity metrics such as the number of people who “Like” our brand or follow our brand via a Twitter feed.   Here are some ways to measure social media with results that matter. Continue reading

96% of marketers feel social media lifts brands

Brands largely disagree with the belief that conversations in social networks alone drive meaningful business outcomes but they do feel that social media is part of an integrated marketing approach to marketing.  Engagement is not defined by conversations. Engagement is the act of a consumer and an organization or brand interacting within the consumer’s network of relevance through a combination of conversations, content, or related information. Engagement, and here’s the important part, is then measured by the take- away value, sentiment, and resulting actions following the interaction.  Continue reading