Marketers under more pressure to create business value

marketing haIn an age where it’s harder to attract and retain profitable customers, marketers are being asked to clearly demonstrate the value of their marketing efforts.   Still, only 1/4 of marketers can answer the question, “What is marketing’s impact on the business?”  Is this a case of bad marketing, bad marketers or a little bit of both? Continue reading

Marketing has been too undisciplined

Marketing can be downright self-indulgent.  Too many marketers are still caught in the “business of marketing” and by that I mean that they love the eye candy too much and the press releases that mention their names so they can add a nice line item on their resumes.  According to Sean DuffyCEOs need to hire competent CMOs. These CMOs need to be able to explain their approach to marketing, be held accountable to marketing objectives and be able to show a result for their investments.” I could not agree more. Continue reading

How much time and effort are being diverted trying to prove ROI ?

Does it ever stop ?  The never ending chase of marketers to prove ROI for everything they do is draining the life out of marketing and wasting time and money.  If marketers spent 50% of the their time on understanding what makes a consumer a customer rather than trying to prove ROI they would be a hell of lot more successful.  It seems, however, that management wants to understand why marketers are spending so much money and that every dollar they spend is driving ROI.  A lot of executives know the cost of everything but the value of nothing. Continue reading