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Is it time for advertisers to hold Facebook accountable?

Despite all the fake news on Facebook their revenue, from ads, is still increasing.  It’s time, however, to admit that Facebook is just a media company, and as such should be regulated as any other media company despite their attempt at secrecy and Zuckerberg’s refusal to acknowledge the reality of what Facebook has become. Continue reading

Blogs influence purchase decisions

eb1c6b7ee11740633e86ccdabf63ac4fBlogs are influencing purchase decisions and recommendations more than ever. According to Technorati’s State of the Blogosphere report, 38% of bloggers talk about brands positively and negatively on their blogs, and 34% write product, service, and brand reviews.  This is happening more and more because consumers trust each other a lot more than they trust advertisers messages but let’s also remember that people are not going to seek Bloggers advice on every product. Continue reading

Top 10 mistakes of social media marketing

G6XD2There is no doubt that resources are hard to come by today as brands look to cut costs to make numbers.  Probably the biggest surprise I hear from clients, when presenting the “under the hood” of social media implementation,  is “I had no idea that many resources were needed to do it”.   Continue reading

The danger of facebook

Unknown1Facebook is becoming more powerful.  They are already the number one social media site by far, according to Pew Internet and users are using their facebook feeds as primary news sources.  What does this mean for marketers?  It means two things, first, what is in users facebook feed may be taken as news without further investigation and second, it means that marketers are going to have fight tooth and nail to make their content relevant. Continue reading

Has facebook peaked?

3-mediaadvertisingThere is no doubt that users spend a lot of time on Facebook, especially compared to other social media sites, but there seems to be some ripples with the number one social media site.   In the past few months, Facebook has quietly shifted into crisis mode. According to The Information, “original broadcast sharing”–i.e., posts consisting of users’ own words and images–fell 21 percent from 2014 to 2015, contributing to a 5.5 percent decrease in total sharing. Continue reading