Is content really king?

Blog-images-FINAL460X460_your-content-marketing-sucksKevin Ryan brought up a great point, “the concept of quality over quantity seems to get lost all too frequently. People rarely say what’s actually on their minds and answering questions no one asked you because it looks like search fodder isn’t a path to engagement glory.”  While good content is essential to keep visitors on your site one still has to ask the hard question “how are consumers supposed to read all this content?” Continue reading »

The more content you have on your page the less people read it

Steelwrist_Speed1-290x290Internet users don’t really read content online, at least according to a study by Dr. Nielsen on reading behaviors of people on his website. His analysis shows that people only read 28% of the text on a web page and decreased the more text there is on the page.  Here are some rules to follow when you have a lot of content. In an ADHD online environment more content might actually hurt you than help you.  If users have to scroll more than once to read your content you’re already in trouble. Continue reading »

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