Social media: What is it good for?

guillible-mlm-recruits1By now you have probably read the reports and data that indicate that organic reach within Facebook is almost non-existent and that Twitter is in trouble and has just replaced its CEO.  At the same time social media “experts” are trying to save what little credibility they have left talking about Snapchat and Instagram.  If your brand has ramped up social media marketing, then you are drinking the Kool-Aid. Continue reading

Eight basic rules for social media for marketing

socialmediarenegadesMost responsible businesses need a full-fledged social media strategy. To effectively leverage social media, shelve any assumptions or conventional wisdom you’ve heeded about online networks, websites and social media tools. Tap into your inner renegade.  The connections that social media provide are much more meaningful than the spot- impressions you purchase on traditional media.  Continue reading

Brands: Pay attention to social media comments in internet time

listentomeA couple of years ago when I was shopping for a car turned to the auto makers Facebook page to see what others had said about their experience with the brand.  I purchased a Subaru Outback but I noticed that there were several complaints from disgruntled customers that had gone unanswered for days & weeks.  Why would any brand do this when 26.1 percent of brands reputations have been tarnished as a result of negative social media posts; 15.2 percent lost customers and 11.4 percent lost revenue? Continue reading

Social media “experts”

UnknownThere is quite a debate going on in LinkedIn about my post You can’t guilt people into buying stuff.  My premise is that you can’t develop a social media relationship with someone just so you can “guilt” them into buying something.  Do we form relationships with people just to get something from them ?  Of course not.  What has become increasingly clear is that consumers want to talk to real people not agencies.  They won’t be guilted into purchasing your product or brand but they will respond to someone talking as a real person to other real people, not market segments. Continue reading

Brands need to use social media the right way

stop-collaborate-and-listenSocial media is not delivering the desired result for the majority of enterprises worldwide, according to a global trend report published by Tata Consultancy Services. Very few (10 percent) enterprises have actually benefited from investments in social media.  Consumers do use social media to interact with companies but findings of the report indicate that only 27 percent of research and development/product development and 37 percent of product management departments read social media comments from consumers on a regular basis.  Eighty-one percent of those who are benefiting from social media go beyond just having company pages on social networks and have corporate blogs. Continue reading