10 secrets that marketers never talk about

Marketing, is it an art or a science ?  MBA programs try and teach marketing with spreadsheets but it’s hard to quantify consumer purchase behavior because there really isn’t any one rational reason that consumers choose certain brands.   What I have also seen in my experience is that a lot of marketing people are really good at piling it on.  There are very few really great marketing people because most of them are more interested in their title or getting their names in the press than they are in moving brands forward.   Continue reading

10 reasons there is bad marketing

badmarketingHave you ever watched a TV commercial and wondered “what in the hell were they thinking?” or been in a store and seen some really bad packaging or product placement ?  Despite the emphasis on ROI there is still a lot of marketing dollars being wasted on things that don’t add value to the brand or customers.  I would even go as far to say there is still way too much emphasis on the “business of marketing” instead of on customers.  Here is my list of why there is still so much bad marketing. Continue reading