Strategy ? We don’t need no stinkin’ strategy !!

It happens a lot more than you think; brands want to develop a mobile app or get into social media marketing without thinking about why they are doing it and the best way to do it.  It results in frustration for consumers and employees because nobody raised their hand to ask “why?”.More than four in five marketing executives (82%) say they expect campaigns to be measured, yet few can effectively evaluate the ROI of key channels such as public relations (18%), search engine optimization (SEO) (24%), and social media (26%), according to a survey from Ifbyphone.  What in the wide wide world of sports is a goin’ on here?

It’s called “do it” because everyone else is doing it and it results in, not only bad marketing, but in turned off consumers and customers.

I have worked with clients who have spent very little or nothing on SEO than wonder why they are not getting traffic to their sites as well as some who spend a lot of money on SEO and don’t know how to measure their SEO dollars by using metrics like cost per targeted action or cost per conversion.

On the mobile application side most marketers seem unaware that 75% of downloaded mobile apps are deleted within 3 weeks by users because they either don’t use them or find them hard to learn and master.  In other words “what we have here is failure to communicate!”

Anything we do should always start with a basic question and that question is “what’s our objective?” followed by another question “how are we going to measure this ?”.  In other words don’t create a Facebook page unless you have a marketing plan to talk with people and have someone who can monitor the page for you 24/7/365.  Don’t create a mobile app unless you first ask your target audience “what would you like to see in a mobile app” and conduct usability studies with your target users.  And never do anything without having buy-in from influencers within your company as to how you are going to measure success.

It all goes to a basic philosophy of doing what really matters to influencer your target audience and get closer to customers while also meeting brand and business objectives.


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