Branded websites trusted more by consumers

Branded websites trusted more by consumers

trustinadsAs marketers spend billions of dollars a year on advertising, effectiveness cannot be measured by impressions alone. Resonance
is the holy grail of a successful campaign. In a market saturated with clutter, marketers need to reach audiences with advertising messages using the formats that make the most impact.  While TV remains the front-running format for the delivery of marketing messages based on ad spend, consumers globally are also looking to online media to get information about brands . Continue reading “Branded websites trusted more by consumers”

Is inbound marketing really relevant?

donthavetimeThere is a belief that a compelling message and great content, inbound marketing, is going to magically lead to digital marketing success but that is wishful thinking by vendors who are trying to sell you their inbound marketing solutions.  “Creating marketing people Love” message is just not credible.  Before you get your bowels in a snit let me explain. Continue reading “Is inbound marketing really relevant?”

Transparency a brand imperative (Native Advertising)

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAccording to Forrester  native advertising is  “any form of paid or sponsored content that directly and transparently contributes to the experience of the site or platform where it appears, by aligning with the format, context or purpose of that site or platform’s editorial content.  “At the end of the day we’re all trying to make money,” said Jon Carmen, senior VP-operations at native ad-tech vendor Adiant. Mr. Carmen argued that publishers are operating in difficult economic conditions and content-based ads might help.  But what about consumers, don’t they count ? Continue reading “Transparency a brand imperative (Native Advertising)”

In-store influence is important

Typically, women set out to attain happiness for themselves and their families, working to ensure happy households that nourish the inhabitants. Being a mother is an all-encompassing job, often including a traditional full-time job, as well. And again, seeking happiness is a priority: 25 percent of moms feel it is extremely important to get a job or career she likes, versus 19 percent of the general population. Continue reading “In-store influence is important”

Blogs influence purchase decisions

eb1c6b7ee11740633e86ccdabf63ac4fBlogs are influencing purchase decisions and recommendations more than ever. According to Technorati’s State of the Blogosphere report, 38% of bloggers talk about brands positively and negatively on their blogs, and 34% write product, service, and brand reviews.  This is happening more and more because consumers trust each other a lot more than they trust advertisers messages but let’s also remember that people are not going to seek Bloggers advice on every product. Continue reading “Blogs influence purchase decisions”

Bad news for facebook and content marketers

facebook troubleFacebook is in trouble despite what you read about “time spent” on the social site.  It seems that more, and in depth, research is indicating that users aren’t reading the content they are sharing. They read headlines and skim content and then share it if it looks like something that aligns with their beliefs or that they feel their followers would be interested in. Continue reading “Bad news for facebook and content marketers”