HR can make or break your marketing department

unknownNot too long ago I was contacted by a marketing VP who was having a problem finding “good marketing people” as opposed to “qualified marketing people”.  The job descriptions were all sent to HR but as he soon found out “job descriptions don’t provide enough information to recruit good candidates”. Continue reading

Too much data, not enough “why?”

unknownThere is a lot of data available to marketers online, but data alone is not a reason to implement anything without an understanding of what the data really means.  For example, Comscore recently reported on how users are using mobile device apps and at first it may seem to indicate that brands should develop an app. However, on closer look the majority of time is spent with just a couple of social media apps. Continue reading

Brand loyalty programs: Are they effective ?

According to the research survey, 62% of U.S. consumers join retail brand loyalty programs to get discounts but only 36% have received a reward or promotion from the program  that actually made them come back to the brand. One reason might be the fact that, according to the survey results, 81% of brand loyalty program members don’t understand the benefits they’re supposed to get with the program or how the program works at all. Continue reading

Comscore on Mobile

screenshot_481More time is being spent on smartphone apps, but most of that time is concentrated in the highest engagement apps owned by a few of the largest internet companies.  The smartphone app now accounts for half of digital media time spent and is still growing strongly, but not at the rate it once was. And large internet companies command the majority of app time, so it can be a challenging market for lesser-known brands. Continue reading