What’s the difference between a good and a great marketing person?

marketing-guru-resizedAs a consultant I have seen my share of people who are, shall we say, challenged by marketing.  They’re not bad or unintelligent, they are just overwhelmed with the depth and complexity of marketing options.  The best marketers, I have found, are the ones who have an in depth understanding about what they are really selling and are skeptical around the hype machine that tends to say things like you have to be on Pinterest or have a Facebook page.  So what’s the difference between a good and a great marketing person? Continue reading

Those who can’t do, teach

unknownOne the sad things about social media is that it gives a voice to pundits who think they know everything there is to know about marketing.  They sit on the sidelines talking about how Twitter is overvalued or how some brands are getting it wrong while they embrace the fact that they teach marketing as if that is a badge of honor. Continue reading

Content providers don’t understand the Internet

unknownA report in September from the nonprofit ChangeAdvertising.org found that 41 of the top 50 news sites — including The Guardian, CNN, Time and Forbes — embed widgets from so-called content-recommendation companies.  These “teasers” often have titles like “famous last word of celebrities” and require users to click several pages to get stories thus being exposed to more ads.  It’s an insult to readers and a clear indication that they don’t understand users are in control not them. Continue reading

Why Apple is in trouble: Their products don’t solve consumers problems anymore

298734_10150308533801746_333523806745_8358088_1887541518_nClayton M. Christensen, widely regarded as one of the world’s top experts on innovation and growth, and author of the theory of disruptive innovation, says executives often fail because they study the wrong product and customer data, which leads them to unwittingly design innovation processes that “churn out mediocrity.” Continue reading

Comscore: Multiplatform world, but desktops still biggest piece

screenshot_517Desktop audiences and time have been complemented, rather than replaced by mobile devices.  Desktop still offers large (albeit more focused) demographics and for particular types of content, it is still the platform for scale. Reach and frequency management for advertisers needs to account for multi-platform usage.

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