Marketers just don’t get when it comes to content marketing

More content than ever before is being created, but it’s vastly under-utilized by consumers. Why? The answer is simple.  Although we live in a multiconnected device environment, consumers just don’t have the time to read your content.

In a survey by by Brightedge, respondents recognized the need to create content that’s effective for local and mobile audiences, but again, are falling short of implementing the impactful strategy.


The other aspect of content marketing that many marketers ignore is that there is a direct correlation between content length and people leaving your content.  Longer content is often not read by people who visit your webpage because time is the new currency.

What can brands do to ensure their content marketing is effective?

1ne: Ensure that you use a callout to summarize your content in two or three bullet points.

2wo: Hire an editor who understands your target audience to reduce irrelevant content.

3hree: Sub-segment your content by micro audience segmentation and understand that it’s not going to be read by everyone.

4our: Ensure that content is never more than two scrolls to be completely read.

5ive: Understand that some content is going to be like an encyclopedia; it will be used only when consumers need it.

6ix: Don’t fall into the trap that you have to have content.  This is not true and by far the biggest fraud in content marketing.



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