Interactive marketing needs to be under one umbrella

red-yellow-umbrellaThe good news is that more and more organizations are allocating more budget dollars to interactive marketing.  The bad news is that in today’s matrix organizations environments the interactive marketing initiatives are often spread out into too many different functional areas leading to a disjointed online marketing experience and lag in implementation.   For interactive marketing to succeed all online marketing tactics should report up through one person or through one area of the brand.

One of the realities that became very apparent when I started consulting was that often the right hand, within the organization, didn’t know what the left hand was doing.  I have seen interactive marketing directors who were unaware of what paid media their brands were choosing because paid media was in a separate group.  I have also seen too many organizations add bigger and more layered analytic groups that could provide quantitative data but could not provide qualitative data (the why).

When I read “best in class” case studies around digital marketing there is usually one common denominator: their interactive marketing initiatives were headed by one person who was responsible for every aspect of their brand in the digital space.   How in the world can an interactive marketing leader be expected to lead a brands digital marketing when she, or he, has to have to a maze of meeting just to find out what they are doing ?


In the analytics area the buzz word of course is big data and marketing analytics.  I would argue that while marketers need data what they need more is qualitative measurement into the data.  Data can tell you who but it often cannot tell you why.  More and more I have clients who are inundated with tons of data and want help translating the data into actionable recommendations.

If you want to succeed in interactive marketing give your interactive marketing director the leadership roll to direct all interactive marketing not just a few aspects.  Don’t put them in a position where they have to have weeks of meetings just to get alignment of the direction of all your interactive marketing.


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