What happens when a brand says “yes” to money at the expense of innovation

Steve Jobs  greatest skill was his ability to say “no”. When Apple brought Jobs back, his first order of business was to shrink the product line–and make sure whatever Apple made, it made extremely well.  No Apple is putting all its resources into one thing: making money.

Is there anyone who believes that Apple would have purchased Beats under Steve Jobs or come out with an iPhone made of glass?  Beats headphones are consistently ranked near the bottom when it comes to product performance and the iPhone X is hard to use and cost almost $5600 to repair if the glass breaks.  But Apple stock is doing very nicely as Tim Cook goes for the easy win and says “yes” to making money money over innovation.

Reading the reviews of new Microsoft products should anger Apple people, but hey, they have a new spaceship campus.  They continue to use an OS that essentially hasn’t changed in over 10 years and their only quest seems to be “how can we make more money?”.

Sure, Apple, as a business is a success, but this writer believes that it’s only a matter of time before the tide turns against Apple. Innovation at Apple has come down to features like facial identity and they are copying Samsung, Google and Microsoft for other features.  

Apple is no longer a “cool” brand and no longer launches superior products .  You purchase it, then wait for the fixes like the latest flaw in their OS.   The goal of any business is to make money, but Apple was not just any business until Tim Cook took over.  Sad…

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