10 reasons there is bad marketing

badmarketingHave you ever watched a TV commercial and wondered “what in the hell were they thinking?” or been in a store and seen some really bad packaging or product placement ?  Despite the emphasis on ROI there is still a lot of marketing dollars being wasted on things that don’t add value to the brand or customers.  I would even go as far to say there is still way too much emphasis on the “business of marketing” instead of on customers.  Here is my list of why there is still so much bad marketing. Continue reading “10 reasons there is bad marketing”

Working in marketing: Power Point hell?

badprHow many times have you heard the expression “we need a deck…” ?  This usually means countless hours of working on a Power Point presentation that is likely to be edited and reedited wasting your time while consumers and customers pass on your brand because you’re too busy creating a presentation.   I have been in Power Point hell creating decks as long as 80 pages and it’s not fun.  The worst seems to be when someone in the process decides to remove key data or insights.  Here are some suggestions to market your Power Point internally and get your audience to come to the conclusions you want them to come to. Continue reading “Working in marketing: Power Point hell?”

Time to end the “business” of marketing

bsThe research findings are consistent: senior executives want proven ROI from marketers.  This is not only the new mandate for marketers it applies to agencies as well.  (78 per cent) CEOs do not trust their advertising and media agencies to create effective campaigns because they have lost faith in their ability to deliver performance-driven results, according to a report.  More than three quarters (76 per cent) of chief executives feel agencies are too “inward looking” and talk too much about “creativity as the saviour” without being able to quantify the impact their work has had on business results, according to the Fournaise Marketing Group. It reveals bosses believe their advertising partners are “too quick” to take credit for results they can not prove they have had a direct impact on and are often “too opportunistic.  Add it up it means the “business” of marketing has to change. Continue reading “Time to end the “business” of marketing”

Everything you learned about marketing is wrong

713644918_reality_check_xlargeI’m reading through a college marketing textbook used by Harvard for undergrads and it’s full of garbage.  Marketing today has changed because consumers have become smarter than marketers and wield more power. Continue reading “Everything you learned about marketing is wrong”

Your marketing sucks

172a0f5f40cfbf8172a21ca36eebThree quarters of marketing strategies and ad campaigns under-performed during 2014 as new research claims they failed to deliver the positive business results – increased sales, greater market share, sales prospects or conversions – that management had expected. This is news? Continue reading “Your marketing sucks”

The business of marketing has to change

Time for Change - ClockIt should come as no surprise to anyone that senior management is demanding more accountability from marketers.  Even though, for some companies, profits are at record levels other brands are struggling to get and keep fickle consumers.  Marketing, at its heart, is still about getting consumers to purchase your product.  What has changed is that consumers have too many devices and have the attention span of someone with a severe case of ADD. Continue reading “The business of marketing has to change”