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HR can make or break your marketing department

unknownNot too long ago I was contacted by a marketing VP who was having a problem finding “good marketing people” as opposed to “qualified marketing people”.  The job descriptions were all sent to HR but as he soon found out “job descriptions don’t provide enough information to recruit good candidates”. Continue reading

Building a world-class digital marketing team

LockKeyWhen it comes to developing mobile apps, creating products for new devices, and unifying the customer experience cross-channel, less than one quarter of companies report they “always succeed,” while more than 60 percent “often or sometimes fail” according to a Forrester study.  Among the biggest challenges organizations face in digital marketing is finding talented digital marketers. Continue reading

10 secrets that marketers never talk about

Marketing, is it an art or a science ?  MBA programs try and teach marketing with spreadsheets but it’s hard to quantify consumer purchase behavior because there really isn’t any one rational reason that consumers choose certain brands.   What I have also seen in my experience is that a lot of marketing people are really good at piling it on.  There are very few really great marketing people because most of them are more interested in their title or getting their names in the press than they are in moving brands forward.   Continue reading

Everything you learned about marketing is wrong

713644918_reality_check_xlargeLet’s be honest, what you learned in school about marketing is wrong.  They are wrong because they ignore the power of today’s consumer because of the Internet.  An angry consumer, or group of consumers, can take down a brand’s marketing campaign with a post in social media yet marketers still make stupid mistakes.
Continue reading