Website basics

The value of a great user experience

Great online brands combine ongoing testing, feedback and improvement cycles into their daily practices and invest in listening, learning and modifying the user experience to create positive returns in revenue and loyalty. This means user experience is not just a practice or a process—it is a philosophy. Continue reading »

What your website says about you

Your company or branded website communicates who you are to your target audience.  The question is now whether it works for you the question is “how many sales are you losing because of your website ?”   Today the best websites are one which are clean and functional and communicate your key brand messages within a few seconds.  It starts with black text on a white background but it also needs look professional and not like it was done by someone at home with a computer and Internet connection. Continue reading »

You have 5-10 seconds to communicate your brand messages

Users often leave Web pages in 5-10 seconds, so your web pages need to communicate a  clear value proposition.  As users rush through Web pages, they have time to read only a quarter of the text on the pages they actually visit (let alone all those they don’t). So, unless your writing is extraordinarily clear and focused, little of what you say on your website will get through to customers.  This is why you need a professional to write content as well design your landing pages. Continue reading »

Deploying a global digital marketing initiative

globalwebWhen was the last time you checked your web analytics to determine how any of your visitors came from outside the U.S.? It has been my experience that up to 40% of website visitors can come from outside the U.S..  Why are they coming to your website and what can digital marketers do to better serve them? Continue reading »

Marketers need to work closely with IT

With consumers now communicating with brands through an increasing number of channels, it is essential that marketing systems are properly integrated to ensure that customers are addressed with consistent messages and offers, whatever the channel. For this to happen, marking needs to consult closely with IT to ensure this integration.

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Working with IT

10 steps to developing a great digital marketing strategy

The truth is that today brands and marketing people dont’ spend enough time on their digital marketing to ensure a great ROI but the problem is deeper than that.  Too many people have been sold on the fairy tale that you need a great digital marketing presence to really drive conversion.  That’s just not true for a lot of product categories.  So how much should you invest in digital marketing and what can you do to ensure your digital marketing adds substantial value to you and your customers ?  Here are some of the steps…
Continue reading »

10 things digital marketers can take away from debacle

consulting-120x120Regardless how you feel about the Affordable Care Act there are some really good lessons that digital marketers can take away from the development of the website.  First and foremost NEVER EVER have more than one or two developers build your website not 48 like  That alone was enough to ensure that there would be major problems because it’s hard enough to manage just one or two vendors.  Here are 10 other lessons courtesy of a dysfunctional government management. Continue reading »

Branded websites:don’t be impressed by looks alone

I always get suspicious when an agency tries to get some free PR by showing some nice looking website that they have done for clients.  Anyone can produce a great looking website the real question is “what were the results against key business metrics of the redesign ?”   Developing a great online brand experience is more than just a nice looking site the money you invest in the site has to directly drive business objectives. Continue reading »

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