Twitter: The bubble bursts

twitterYesterday’s release noted that Twitter now has 241 million monthly active users (MAU), up from 232 million in Q3 2013. That’s quarterly growth of just 3.88 percent. In other words: rubbish. The total number of times users viewed their timeline (Twitter’s news feed and core product) declined from the previous quarter for the first time ever. While advertisers may look at Twitter for increasing reach consumers are turning off. Continue reading “Twitter: The bubble bursts”


jabjabrighthookReading Gart Vaynerchuks  Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook: How to Tell Your Story in a Noisy Social World and have to admit that it’s a good read even though I am conflicted about some of the premises in the book.  Gary says thatThe marketer who can skillfully spin, interpret, and remix it in his or her own signature style can often tell a story that is more powerful and memorable than the actual news itself. the main mistake most marketers make is to use Twitter primarily as an extension of their blog, a place to push a link to content they have posted elsewhere. They’ll also often use it as a place to brag, especially by retweeting favorable things people say about them, a new form of humblebragging I call a “birdiebrag.”

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Twitter’s Value to Marketers ?

Angry-Twitter-BirdAccording to a new survey and associated report penned by Forrester analyst Nate Elliot, only 55 percent of Twitter marketers say they’re “satisfied with the business value they achieve” from the platform. Apparently that’s low compared to other established online marketing channels like search, email, mobile, and online display.  “Twitter’s success as a Marketing channel is not yet guaranteed,” the Twitter report, released Tuesday says. “Twitter’s devoted user base and broad mainstream awareness have given it the opportunity to court marketers. But the company’s viability as a marketing channel has yet to be proven.” Continue reading “Twitter’s Value to Marketers ?”