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Brand have to keep it real on social media

Consumers desire honesty from brands and they want answers to their questions in Internet time not on what’s best for their internal processes.  Brand personality, on social media, has to be unique, but above all brands need to be honest about their mistakes and engage consumers as individuals, not market segments. Continue reading

You can’t guilt people into buying stuff

guiltintobuyingThere are those that use social media as a legitimate channel to engage people and there are those who see it as a way to inflate huge ego’s and self promote their books so they be legends in their own minds.

In an article in the NY Times Gary Vaynerchuk does a good job of promoting his new book and states that social media is a great way to guilt people into buying stuff.  In fact, he is described as a tireless self-promoter.  There is little question that Mr. Vaynerchuk is a master at promoting himself. But what about his clients? They tend to regard him as a colorful savant, pointing to his immense online following and his track record in spotting companies like Twitter and Facebook, both of which he invested in long before they went public.  Did anyone think to ask about the business objectives? Continue reading

Why are people using social media?

GWI Social examines the very latest figures for social media engagement, social behaviors and trends within the social space. The primary reason people are suing social media? Filling up spare time is the main reason for using social media among 16-24s, while older groups see these platforms as a way to keep up with friends and the news. These motivations highlight the rise of ‘passive networking’ but also reinforce the potential of social to be a space where consumers can engage with content.

Continue reading

5 Catastrophic Social Media Mistakes That Companies Are Making Today

Social media can often be seen as a faceless form of communication, and hence many companies lose that personal touch to their customer service that they rely on in face to face interactions when communicating online. It is important that your do not forget that the importance you place on connecting with your customers offline should also transfer to the online world.  All too often, I see some simple mistakes that can really damage your company’s reputation in the social media world. Here is a rundown of social media mistakes that are simple to rectify but can have a devastating effect on your reputation if you do not stop them now! Continue reading