Extravagance is over

A funny thing happened while I was on my bike ride yesterday.  I was taking a break and watched as two Bentley’s drove by.  Rather than feel envious all I could think was “what a waste of money” when another rider sitting next to me said “what kind of ass would spend that much money on a car?”.  The era of symbols of extravagance maybe coming to an end. Continue reading “Extravagance is over”

The bottom line truths around social media marketing

Marketers have always been trained to “follow the numbers” but in some case that logic doesn’t apply to marketing today.  If you’re trying to create awareness for a new product or brand of course you need to create awareness, but if you’re an established brand awareness very rarely translates into conversion.  Anyone who says “you need to..” be on any social media platform because of the number of users doesn’t understand what consumers and their recommendations to do so should be seen as pure pontificating. Continue reading “The bottom line truths around social media marketing”

Social media is dictated entirely by consumers

G6XD2Mike Mikho said recently.. “Social media is dictated entirely by consumers, not brands. Trends, discussions, and points of interest are going to be generated by news, current events and pop culture, not brand business goals. With the exception of a few brilliantly conceived lines by a handful of companies, the majority of the hashtag encouragement is a waste of time (and for anyone promoting trends, a waste of money). Brands will always have a hard time starting a conversation, especially about their products, because people would rather talk about who Kim Kardashian is marrying or which athletes are taking steroids. The brands that really achieve earned media at scale are the ones who relevantly insert themselves into ongoing conversations in a fun or witty way.”  But is that even enough to drive conversion? Continue reading “Social media is dictated entirely by consumers”

The never ending search for social media ROI

ROI searchMeasure, even if we can’t measure. That seems to be the direction in digital marketing today as vanity metrics, such as shares or likes, don’t directly contribute to the bottom line.  Yet marketers will spend a lot of time and money to prove to management that digital marketing is an essential part of any brand strategy. Continue reading “The never ending search for social media ROI”

Focus on your branded website, not social media

iStockForrester found that visiting a company’s website is the number one way fans prefer to stay in touch with the brands [/inlinetweet]they love, outranking Facebook all the way down at number five.   While their Facebook pages are brimming with exciting, yet unseen content, brand websites may be neglected – at a high cost to community interaction. Continue reading “Focus on your branded website, not social media”

Don’t just communicate with customers, make them brand loyalists

Why do so many brands fail at social media ?  Because they usually have someone on the other end who is “just doing their job” rather than thinking of ways to turn customers into passionate brand loyalists.  Continue reading “Don’t just communicate with customers, make them brand loyalists”