Which is more popular paid search or organic search ?

According to Wordstream “clicks on paid search listings beat out organic clicks by nearly a 2:1 margin for keywords with high commercial intent in the US.  Now, to be clear here, organic searches still get more clicks overall than paid search – but not all keyword searches are created equal” Confused ?  Don’t be.  The key reference here is that not all keyword searches are created equal. Continue reading »

Google changing search engine optimization rules

Want another reason why you need good digital marketing help ?  The rules of search engine optimization are changing.  Backlinks and keywords are no longer going to get you ranked high within Google.  Soon Google will be ranking sites higher that have relevant and real content on the internet that people want to read and tell other people about via social media. The idea is to answer search with the most relevant content and if you have content that is being shared on social media than Google feels it must be more relevant than content that is not being shared. Continue reading »

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