The never ending search for social media ROI

ROI searchMeasure, even if we can’t measure. That seems to be the direction in digital marketing today as vanity metrics, such as shares or likes, don’t directly contribute to the bottom line.  Yet marketers will spend a lot of time and money to prove to management that digital marketing is an essential part of any brand strategy. Continue reading “The never ending search for social media ROI”

Social media “experts” continue to try and sell books

screenshot_178The social media “experts” are at it again.  This time they are trying to convince marketers that they absolutely need social media and that there is a “gray area” of social media in which consumers read posts but never interact.  Are marketers really that dumb? Continue reading “Social media “experts” continue to try and sell books”

The biggest mistake brands make with social media

Unknown-1There is some lopsided thinking out there.  There is a “belief” that just because a consumer becomes a customer of your brand that they want to have a relationship with you that extends beyond the 4 P’s.  For a lot of brands this just isn’t true.  Just because I like pudding doesn’t mean that I want to have a relationship with you on Facebook. Continue reading “The biggest mistake brands make with social media”

Social media still difficult for marketers to quantify ROI

screenshot_1813Social media is taking up a bigger portion of marketing budgets, but few companies said they have been able to quantitatively measure its impact.   Despite the increasing investment in social media, it’s still difficult for marketers to quantify their return on investment. Only 15% of marketers in the study said they can show the impact of social media on their businesses using quantitative approaches, while 40% of marketers can only demonstrate the impact qualitatively. Nearly half of marketers said they haven’t been able to demonstrate the impact of social media spending on their business at all. Continue reading “Social media still difficult for marketers to quantify ROI”

Advertising is NOT dead

notdeadOK, I’m a new media person and love digital marketing, but let’s make one thing clear “traditional advertising is not dead”.  While more brands are shifting dollars to digital they may be making a huge mistake as consumers just don’t have time to go to every website that strikes their interest. Continue reading “Advertising is NOT dead”

The bottom line on social media ROI

bottom lineHow many articles do we have to read about social media marketing ROI before marketers realize that you can’t measure the ROI on every conversation?  The truth is that many marketers have to justify their budgets because company executives are used to cutting “expenses” to improve bottom line results and because too many agency people and “experts” have over sold social media as a golden path to increased sales.

Continue reading “The bottom line on social media ROI”

Social media spending to increase without ROI

realy?According to “Work horses and dark horses: digital tactics for customer acquisition” social spending is set to increase, but we discern some buying on faith with social. More marketers plan to spend more on social media marketing than any other digital tactic. But when we asked marketers to describe their perceptions of social media marketing, more marketers agreed with the statement “It is difficult to prove ROI for social media marketing” than with any other statement. Stupid is as stupid does.