Integrated Marketing

Is inbound marketing really relevant?

donthavetimeThere is a belief that a compelling message and great content, inbound marketing, is going to magically lead to digital marketing success but that is wishful thinking by vendors who are trying to sell you their inbound marketing solutions.  “Creating marketing people Love” message is just not credible.  Before you get your bowels in a snit let me explain. Continue reading »

2014 Marketing Predictions

2014By now most brands are well into the process of budgeting and planning for 2014.  According to various research reports that I have read the number one priority for marketers is showing a clear line between ROI and marketing tactics (budget).  As much as I love the challenge and opportunities of digital marketing, however, adding more dollars for digital marketing may not be the best or smartest move.  Here are my predictions for 2014…. Continue reading »

In-store promotions beat social-media ROI’s return on investment from in-store promotions can be as much as 50% higher than campaigns run across Facebook and Twitter, according to sources close to the company. Well, finally the realization that in store POP and promotions can really drive sales versus social media because consumers don’t have time to like all the brands in their pantries. Continue reading »

Integrated marketing: crucial for brand success

IntegrationI really believe that 2013 is going to present a major challenge to marketers.  The first challenge is going to be getting a handle on “all that data” and the second part is  ensuring that all brand marketing is integrated towards a common brand objectives.  Today’s marketers have to be able to juggle a lot of projects while the strategy might vary by channel the overall objective has to be the same. Continue reading »

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