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How Marketers Can Better Connect With Women Today

connectinwithwomenBased on a study done by Insights In Marketing, LLC’s i-on-Women team, “Only 9 percent of women feel as though marketers are effectively marketing to them.” With women having tremendous personal purchasing power and being highly influential over the purchases made by the men and children around them, this shows that there is a big opportunity for marketers to adjust their game and do a better job in selling to females. At stake is billions in future revenue. With that in mind, here are a few tips to consider when marketing to women today. Continue reading »

5 Catastrophic Social Media Mistakes That Companies Are Making Today

Social media can often be seen as a faceless form of communication, and hence many companies lose that personal touch to their customer service that they rely on in face to face interactions when communicating online. It is important that your do not forget that the importance you place on connecting with your customers offline should also transfer to the online world.  All too often, I see some simple mistakes that can really damage your company’s reputation in the social media world. Here is a rundown of social media mistakes that are simple to rectify but can have a devastating effect on your reputation if you do not stop them now! Continue reading »

Online Marketing Strategy Made Easy

Building an online marketing strategy is overwhelming. Many companies know that they desperately need a better online presence, but they don’t have any idea where to begin. To make matters worse, Google frequently changes its algorithm, so tactics that you read about two weeks ago might be frowned upon today. Additionally, search engines are starting to pick up on various signals, such as a brand’s social media activity. Google Plus, especially, influences a website’s ability to rank because links within posts are “followed,” meaning they can actually rank online. Continue reading »

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