Why Facebook is Crucial for E-Commerce Companies

There is a lot of chatter how social media is no longer a wise decision for businesses to partake in. Some Brands dedicate a lot of time to social media but the return on investment just isn’t there. This certainly holds true for many B2B type businesses, but it is not the case when it comes to e-Commerce companies.


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Websites more important than social media for conversion

Capgemini’s“Digital Shopper Relevancy” research report Studies shopping behavior online. Over the past decade they have surveyed tens of thousands of consumers around the globe as part of our “Consumer Relevancy” and “Future Consumer” research programs.   The research helps uncover the many faces of today’s technology- enabled shopper and demonstrates that shoppers are no longer loyal to an individual channel but rather to an experience across all channels. The majority of those surveyed said they expect the seamless integration of the online, physical and mobile shopping experience by 2014. Continue reading »

e-mails purchases at least three times that of social media

emailmarketing McKinsey: It’s a postholiday tradition up there with returning unwanted gifts and vowing to exercise more: spending a few hours cleaning out your e-mail inbox. If you’re wondering why marketers seem intent on e-mailing you more and more, there’s a simple explanation: it works. E-mail remains a significantly more effective way to acquire customers than social media—nearly 40 times that of Facebook and Twitter combined. That’s because 91 percent of all US consumers still use e-mail daily, and the rate at which e-mails prompt purchases is not only estimated to be at least three times that of social media, but the average order value is also 17 percent higher. Continue reading »

The myths of mobile shoppers

The hype machine around mobile shopping is in high gear as agencies see opportunities to “milk” clients budgets for mobile apps that consumers don’t use or want.  It is claimed, for instance, that 79% of smartphone owners use them to shop. Really? Not according to some research from Hall and Partners.  Here are some key assumptions that their report says are “myths”. Continue reading »

When it comes to mobile consumers want bigger screens

In case you missed the Samsung Galaxy III  already surpassed the 30-million sales mark since its May release even though Apple is trying to turn the screws on Samsung and ban the phone.  In addition nearly 1 in 10 online shoppers used an iPad to browse Black Friday deals, with the tablet overtaking the iPhone as the most popular mobile device for online shopping during Black Friday, accounting for 9.75% of all traffic. The iPhone generated 8.71% of traffic while Android-based devices owned 5.53% of traffic.  Why ? Because when consumers shop or really want to consume information they want bigger screens. Continue reading »

Mobile purchases soared 24% on Black Friday

US shoppers once again took advantage of early promotions this holiday season, driving a 17.4 percent increase in online sales Thanksgiving Day. This increase set the stage for 20.7 percent growth on Black Friday. The biggest surge came from mobile consumers, with sales reaching 16.3 percent, led by the iPad. This data is the result of cloud-based analytics findings from IBM. Continue reading »

51% of consumers intend to research a product online ?

Google teamed up with market research organization Ipsos OTX to conduct an online survey of 1,500 holiday consumers.  What they found was that the borders between online and offline shopping are disappearing. According to the study, 51% of surveyed consumers intend to research a product online and visit the store to buy it; 32% plan on researching an item online, inspecting it in the store, and then retreating back online to complete the transaction.  However this is not true for EVERY product. Continue reading »

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