Beware of self-promotional experts

self-pramotionGary Vaynerchuk had built quite a following but there are some smart people who understand that his success is more promotional than reality.  As a friend of mine recently said about Mr Vaynerchuk “Step 1: Have a family that has made a lot of money in the wine business. Step 2: Get a Twitter account. Step 3: Go out and promote yourself as a “thought-leader” who “works for the love, not for the money” because, you know, Step 1. Continue reading “Beware of self-promotional experts”

Customer centricity is an essential part of any brand

imagesAl Ries writes “what wins in marketing today? The conventional wisdom is “customer centricity.” As one pundit put it, “Connect with customers based on their behavior or where they are in their purchase or life cycle.” But he feels this is wrong when in fact HE is wrong. Continue reading “Customer centricity is an essential part of any brand”

Wanted: Talented marketers

imgresSometimes I think the whole marketing ecosystem is broken.  Outdated business magazines still are used as a soapbox for marketers who want to talk about themselves so they can become legends in their own minds.  Great marketing people are the ones who understand how to listen to consumers and prioritize tactics by ROI to the brand. Continue reading “Wanted: Talented marketers”

Everything you learned about marketing is wrong

713644918_reality_check_xlargeLet’s be honest, what you learned in school about marketing is wrong.  They are wrong because they ignore the power of today’s consumer because of the Internet.  An angry consumer, or group of consumers, can take down a brand’s marketing campaign with a post in social media yet marketers still make stupid mistakes.
Continue reading “Everything you learned about marketing is wrong”

Do consumers really want to talk with bots?

Do consumers really want to talk with bots?

09well_dog-superJumboFacebook said it is working with more than two dozen companies on a new initiative aimed at turning its Messenger app into a hub for shopping, news and entertainment. But while Facebook tries to lure brands back to the site, perhaps they should ask consumers is they really want to talk to a bot as opposed to a real person? Continue reading “Do consumers really want to talk with bots?”