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Are brands really relevant today?

irreleIt seems that over the last few years, with the rise of social media, branding is being redefined over and over.  While some brands do very well (Apple, Trek Bikes, Subaru,Starbucks) other brands are struggling to stay relevant to empowered consumers. So what does it take for a brand to stay relevant today? Continue reading

Those who can’t do, teach

unknownOne the sad things about social media is that it gives a voice to pundits who think they know everything there is to know about marketing.  They sit on the sidelines talking about how Twitter is overvalued or how some brands are getting it wrong while they embrace the fact that they teach marketing as if that is a badge of honor. Continue reading

Too much data, not enough “why?”

unknownThere is a lot of data available to marketers online, but data alone is not a reason to implement anything without an understanding of what the data really means.  For example, Comscore recently reported on how users are using mobile device apps and at first it may seem to indicate that brands should develop an app. However, on closer look the majority of time is spent with just a couple of social media apps. Continue reading

Kickstarter marketing (crowdfunding)

UnknownThere are a number of new products arriving every day via Kickstarter or crowdfunding, but there are some serious problems with marketing and fulfillment.  Marketers need to be careful about building demand months before a product is ready to ship and consumers need to be careful that some great ideas will never turn into viable products. Continue reading

The myth of social media marketing

bigstock-Myth-stamp-63032431-700x467Just stop, please!  Every week I see a post on LibkedIn about how Instagram or other social media channel is going to add sales dollars to brands and products.  Well, here is a some cold water “people don’t want brands on social media unless they want to complain and believe me there are a lot of very grumpy, pissed off consumers out there. Continue reading