Why there is no such thing as social media marketing

It’s about time that marketers understand something:consumers don’t want to marketed to”.  They are sick of commercials, sick of ads on mobile devices and they wield a lot of power holding brands accountable for bad marketing, ads and products. Continue reading “Why there is no such thing as social media marketing”

Are brands really media ? The debate over content marketing

There is a belief that “brands are media” and that “content is king”.  However, do consumers really have the time to read all your content and what if your content leads to them purchasing your competitors’ products?
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Why the constant need to put consumers in segments ?

Marketing 101 teaches us that we need to understand consumers and segment them for our marketing to be effective.  The problem with this strategy is that today there could be a lot of sub-segments with your target audience, each with its own needs and wants. One message for everyone does not work well with consumers who refuse to be thought if as “segments” but rather individuals.
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The disconnect between digital marketing and marketers

  While more and more marketers are throwing money into digital marketing they are doing so blindly as report state “marketers lack the necessary information to tell leadership which digital marketing efforts have the highest return.”  In other words we know we need to do it but we don’t have the tools, foundation or structure to understand what we’re doing. Digital marketing has a lot of components and budget dollars can quickly be eaten up by tactics like SEM and online advertising.  If you spend too much on one tactic you might not have enough for other tactics that provide a higher ROI. Continue reading “The disconnect between digital marketing and marketers”

How much does your brand need digital?

Unknown-1Look in your pantry for a minute.  How many of those brands/products did you buy because of their digital marketing?  Probably very few, yet the self proclaimed experts are now trying to tell brands they absolutely have to have a big digital presence.  Bull! Continue reading “How much does your brand need digital?”

How brands killed social media marketing

large_8560618867 Mike Proulx at Ad Age says “social media marketing is now advertising. It’s largely a media planning and buying exercise — emphasizing viewed impressions. Brands must pay if they really want their message to be seen. It’s the opposite of connecting or listening — it’s once again broadcasting.”  He couldn’t be more right and we have brands and agencies to thank for the this demise. Continue reading “How brands killed social media marketing”