Contrarian point of view

Advertising is NOT dead

notdeadOK, I’m a new media person and love digital marketing, but let’s make one thing clear “traditional advertising is not dead”.  While more brands are shifting dollars to digital they may be making a huge mistake as consumers just don’t have time to go to every website that strikes their interest. Continue reading »

Great marketers stand up for what they believe

According to the Harvard Business Review; When we are silent, we are hurting the outcome. You see, minority viewpoints have been proven to aid the quality of decision making in juries, by teams and for the purpose of innovation. Research proves then even when the different points of view are wrong, they cause people to think better, to create more solutions and to improve the creativity of problem solving.  The key question is who out there is ready to stand up and say “this is bad marketing” or “this is not going to meet our business objectives?”

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The false promise of content marketing

content marketing faklseStep away from the internet for a little while and look at your RSS feed count when you come back.  How many stories do you have?  100? 200? Do you really have the time to read them all or do you just quickly scan the headlines? The promise of content marketing has been overblown by blowhards and experts who like to talk shit, but have no idea how overwhelmed we really are with information. Continue reading »

Ten reasons there’s bad marketing

Why is there so much bad marketing?  Is it because with the wealth of information marketers are stuck in analysis paralysis or is it because there is a lack of talented marketing people?  My guess is that it’s a little bit of both plus the fact that it can take weeks and months to implement even simple marketing initiatives.
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What makes a successful digital/social media marketing person ?

Why is it taking so long for companies and marketer to embrace technology when it comes to digital marketing ? Could it be because there are too many bureaucrats who are worried about what others within your company are going to think about what you do rather than doing what is necessary to bring your digital marketing into the 21st century ?

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Fame 2.0, all style and no substance.

suckerThis week in my RSS feed I happened to come across the most retweeted marketing people on Twitter.  As I read the list I was amazed a how many “authors” and “agency” people there were but where were the people who actually had past successes in working in a branded environment?  Have marketers become so shallow that they are willing to take advice from people who are better at self-promotion than actually doing something to drive brand objectives and add to the bottom line? Continue reading »

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