The myth of social media marketing

bigstock-Myth-stamp-63032431-700x467Just stop, please!  Every week I see a post on LibkedIn about how Instagram or other social media channel is going to add sales dollars to brands and products.  Well, here is a some cold water “people don’t want brands on social media unless they want to complain and believe me there are a lot of very grumpy, pissed off consumers out there. Continue reading “The myth of social media marketing”

Social media marketing: a has been that never was

imagesIn case you missed it, it turns out that organic reach within Facebook is at an all time low at the same time that ad blockers are growing so fast that some smart phone manufacturers are thinking of including ad blockers on new models.  When will marketers stop believing the hype and finally figure out that consumers don’t want to be bothered with irrelevant ads? Continue reading “Social media marketing: a has been that never was”

Marketers have lost touch with the average consumer

283c4b79aa4437b2a44e2f643fb2e60dThe marketing to marketers by self-promotional companies and authors trying to increase their personal brands is beyond what  would have expected.  First they had us believe that social media marketing was an essential tactic, now they are trying to get us to believe that we have to be  on mobile devices even though consumers want us to back off.  It’s a con game by people and “analysts” that have a hidden agenda and it’s causing more and more brands to flush money down the toilet. Continue reading “Marketers have lost touch with the average consumer”