How to create a great digital strategy

How to create a great digital strategy

strategy-document-plus-grade-great-successful-plan-review-yellow-envelope-getting-as-achieving-success-good-43759524When I meet with clients I am often told “we want to create a great online experience”, however, saying it and actually executing it are two different things.  Over the course of ten years experience here is my list of how to create a winning digital strategy that delivers on brand/business objectives. Continue reading “How to create a great digital strategy”

The power of effective POP displays: 76% of grocery purchases unplanned

The in-store decision rate is calculated by taking the sum of the purchases that fall under Generally Planned, Unplanned, and Substitutes categories. Today the in-store decision rate has reached an all time high of 76%.Shoppers are specifically planning less and deciding more at the shelf, suggesting today’s shopper is more flexible than ever.  And you thought social media was driving their purchase decisions… Continue reading “The power of effective POP displays: 76% of grocery purchases unplanned”

Branded websites trusted more by consumers

Branded websites trusted more by consumers

trustinadsAs marketers spend billions of dollars a year on advertising, effectiveness cannot be measured by impressions alone. Resonance
is the holy grail of a successful campaign. In a market saturated with clutter, marketers need to reach audiences with advertising messages using the formats that make the most impact.  While TV remains the front-running format for the delivery of marketing messages based on ad spend, consumers globally are also looking to online media to get information about brands . Continue reading “Branded websites trusted more by consumers”

In-store influence is important

Typically, women set out to attain happiness for themselves and their families, working to ensure happy households that nourish the inhabitants. Being a mother is an all-encompassing job, often including a traditional full-time job, as well. And again, seeking happiness is a priority: 25 percent of moms feel it is extremely important to get a job or career she likes, versus 19 percent of the general population. Continue reading “In-store influence is important”

Another reason content marketing is a joke

imgresContent marketing is being hyped right now, usually by people who have something to gain, but according to our preliminary research, (n=677) people are using their Internet time to go to bookmarked sites.  Consumers simply don’t have the time to read all the content that’s out there, but brands are convinced that content marketing has an ROI. Continue reading “Another reason content marketing is a joke”

The four words retail shoppers hate

At the pay desk“May I help you?”. It’s usually one of the first greetings that sales people working retail say to prospects but consumers hate it.  The usual response from prospects when asked “can I help you?” is “no thanks, just looking”.  Why? Because asking “can I help you?” usually puts consumers on the defensive and makes them uncomfortable. Continue reading “The four words retail shoppers hate”

Millennials used to get traffic while Boomers are ignored

fe7020a62c50484b372f874d8f115fe0“The millennial conversation, in a sense, is used by the media to get traffic,” says Dan Schawbel, a partner and research director at executive development firm Future Workplace. Schawbel admits that editors have asked him to include the word in his writing in order to draw a wider readership. And all this while Boomers are ignored. Continue reading “Millennials used to get traffic while Boomers are ignored”