Consumers & consumer behavior

What “Animal House” can teach us about marketing

National Lampoon’s Animal House is over 30 years old yet when the movie runs on premium cable channels it still draws an audience.  Is it because of the excellent cast ?  That probably has something to do with it but more likely the reason we like to watch the movie is because it takes us back to a time when we were in college. A time before deadlines, mortgage and car payments.  People remember moments and Animal House is great at taking us back to moments of our lives that were less stressful.  Marketers should remember this. Continue reading »

Luxury Travel Taking Off

viceroymaldivesWant to rent a Porche next time you go on vacation?  Hertz can make that happen.  Want a butler and private chef for your private beach?  You can now make that happen as the luxury travel market is starting to expand into the travel market. Continue reading »

Boomers: The world has never before seen such a powerful market

baby-boomers-online-shopping-300x198-120x120While there is a lot of talk and data around Millennials marketers seem to be confused by aging Boomers who, in 2017, are approaching half of the U.S. adult population and control a full 70 percent of the disposable income. By 2050, there will be 161 million 50-plus consumers, a 63 percent increase over 2010.   Globally, the spending power of consumers age 60 and older will hit $15 trillion by the end of this decade, up from $8 trillion in 2010, according to research from Euromonitor.  Continue reading »

What’s really important to consumers?

screenshot_26Marketers are spending a lot of money on social media marketing analytics and, while there are some insights to be gained, the best way to find out what’s really important to consumers is to simply ask them and watch them make purchase decisions. Continue reading »

Data without insights is useless


What is the fascination around numbers for marketers ?  Numbers can tell you where consumers are going and which media they are consuming but without an understanding of why the numbers alone are pretty useless. Continue reading »

Stop talking about men: woman rule shopping and now science can prove it

With an estimated $2.1 trillion in spending power, moms influence 85% of all purchase decisions and buy nearly everything for everybody.   Based on consumer neuroscience, a growing area for marketers looking to better understand consumers in more depth and with greater detail and precision, we know that moms and women in general use more areas of their brains to process information than men do, giving them enhanced multi-tasking, especially when it comes to shopping activities. Continue reading »

The consumer has not bounced back

images-1Macy’s reported today that sales and profit are down. The company blamed weather and increased competition for the slump. But the most disturbing reason business is declining could be the state of the average Macy’s consumer. “The consumer has not bounced back with the confidence that we were all looking for,” CEO Terry Lundgren said at the Goldman Sachs Annual Retail Conference in September. Continue reading »

Mass marketing vs 1 on 1 marketing

massmarketingdone“Mass marketing is making the same product for everyone, putting it in every store, then shouting its features and benefits to everyone. And shouting is the correct word.Your first goal in mass marketing is to be heard above the cacophony of thousands of competing messages. That’s far from what your goal should be—to generate sales and loyal customers.  What’s the opposite of this noisy mass-media system of marketing? It’s to communicate directly with customers, individually, rather than blaring at them in groups. It’s to use media that permit this (and the slow and cumbersome postal system isn’t the only way). That’s the future and it’s upon us now. Continue reading »

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