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Don’t just meet consumer expectations, exceed them but know what to exceed

Meeting customer expectations is one of the three most important reasons that an organization has to adopt digital applications according to a new report that I just read.  That statement, in my opinion, is wrong.  Every brand has to not only meet consumer expectations they have to exceed them to keep customers loyal.   However before you can exceed expectations you need to know exactly what expectations consumers have for your brand. Continue reading »

Is digital REALLY that essential to YOUR brand?

think firstHere we go again.  All over the Internet online media like Fast Company and Business Insider are trying their best to convince executives that digital is essential to their organization when in reality this may not be the case.  The idea that consumers need or want digital interaction/interruption from brands that they take for granted is a clear indication that a lot of brands believe digital marketing is the answer when they don’t understand the question(s). Continue reading »

Are marketers really publishers?

realy?In an article on the HBR blog Greg Satell said that “marketers need to act more like publishers”  I would challenge this assertion because I believe that there is already way too much content online that consumers are becoming overwhelmed with it.  I mean there will be people who like to go to a website on salad dressing to get new recipes, but are they going to go back to it again and again?   Continue reading »

Are you ready for consumer spending?

Female consumer spendingConsumers revved up their borrowing in April, with growth in credit card debt accelerating at the fastest pace in more than a dozen years.  Increased household borrowing can drive stronger consumer spending, which accounts for 70 percent of economic activity in the U.S. Alan Levenson, chief economist at investment firm T. Rowe Price, said that the momentum is likely to continue in coming months, helped by rising employment and steady income growth that will make people more willing to take on debt.  So is your organization ready to respond or have you let go so many people that you’re shorthanded while marketing budgets have been cut? Continue reading »

95% Of Facebook Wall Posts Not Answered By Brands

Excuse me ?  Social media is a conversation and you’re supposed to listen and respond to consumers in Internet time not when you have approval or can get responses cleared by your legal people.   The telecommunications and airline sectors had the highest rates of answered wall posts, but even those were woefully low, at 26 percent and 28 percent, respectively.  Socialbakers believes the response rate to wall posts should be 65 percent –75 percent — a mark not even remotely approached.   Information in social media spreads extremely fast, and that really is a game changing thing, even for the internet and brands that don’t respond to wall posts are letting others take over their brands message. Continue reading »

Marketing is changing forever

online reviewsResearch done in 2011 found that the average shopper consults 10.4 information sources prior to purchase—almost twice as many as in 2010.  Today, review sites (whether Amazon or CNET, Yelp or Zagat) tell us about the reliability and use- fulness of products, and help us predict the experience we can expect at restaurants or hotels. Through social media, it’s become almost effortless to get recommendations from friends and acquaintances. Continue reading »

Why consumers are not purchasing PC’s

pc'sThis week Sony said its PC business is even worse off than the bleak estimates it made earlier in the year. Is there something going on here that’s larger than Sony’s failings?  This week, Apple cut prices on updated MacBook Air models to as low as $899. That prompted retailers to slash prices on 2013 Airs (11.6-inch) to around $800.  Apple sees the writing on the wall: cut prices or perish in the laptop market.  But what does this tell us about consumers and the way they use the Internet? Continue reading »

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