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Are brands still relevant in CPG?

According to CNBC “shoppers are increasingly shunning the center of grocery stores and hugging the perimeter as they trade packaged food for fresh food. That’s bad news for an industry that’s already struggling Packaged food sales have declined, and earnings have disappointed. Some companies have cut jobs and shuttered factories”. Continue reading

PC sales decline:behind the numbers

You’ve probably read that PC sales continue to decline and the explanation lies in understanding how people are using their PC’s.  The op two reasons people go online is to read email, and surf the web.  This, of course, can be done easily on an iPad or smartphone so why would anyone shell out $1000 for a new PC? Continue reading

Are online marketers ignoring boomers?

Baby Boomers are the Web’s largest constituencyThey make up over 30% of US internet users. They spend 16 hours per week watching T.V. and 19 hours per week online. (Google/Ipsos). In addition a DMN3 survey of online Boomers found that 96.1% of use search, while 94.8% of Boomers use email. They often use the Internet to research health and wellness information, as well as plan and book leisure trips. (DMN3). So why are online marketers concentrating on Millennials? Continue reading

Consumers becoming more frugal and less concerned with status items.

55% of consumers said that they make aspirational purchases, like buying designer items or expensive status symbols, less often now than they did just five years ago. And according to a report from NPD Group, the idea of aspirational brands is currently undergoing a major shift. Where consumers once were willing to stretch their budgets to make purchases based on status or style, many are now more concerned with practicality and saving money.

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What’s important to consumers? The brand experience

After years of disruptive change that has lead to better informed, more empowered consumers, it has become more difficult than ever for brands to control customer perception with traditional marketing. There is a shift from trying to get new customers to ensuring that your brand experience is a good one.

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