Why the constant need to put consumers in segments ?

Marketing 101 teaches us that we need to understand consumers and segment them for our marketing to be effective.  The problem with this strategy is that today there could be a lot of sub-segments with your target audience, each with its own needs and wants. One message for everyone does not work well with consumers who refuse to be thought if as “segments” but rather individuals.
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Reaching Today’s Boomers & Seniors Online


    The Internet is an everyday part of boomers’ and seniors’ lives; it is the top source for gathering information on topics of interest, outpacing TV and print media by a substantial margin. As an advertiser, it is critical to be present across many digital platforms in order to engage this audience. Online video, search, and social networks build upon each other.

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What to expect from consumers in 2016

blank signMarketing as usual is not going to be an option in 2016.  Consumers are becoming less forgiving of brands that disappoint them and they are willing to use hashtag activism on social media to rally others against brands and companies that disappoint them. Continue reading “What to expect from consumers in 2016”

Consumers always looking to dump brands

screenshot_173Customers are buying less from current providers, always keeping one eye open for something new. Out of the downturn, consumer spending across most major industries and key markets has been growing in the past six years. Yet during that time, the proportion of consumers in our study who expressed their intention to buy less from their current providers has increased, indicating that most companies have failed to tap into this spending growth. Continue reading “Consumers always looking to dump brands”

The average value of a lost customer is $243

012a5145a53bd860004974e600f5fa31What in the wild world of sports is going on here ?  Companies and agency clients have a greater focus on customer acquisition than retention (44% vs. 16% for companies and 58% vs. 12% for agency clients).  KISS Metrics states retaining your customers is low-hanging fruit. Understanding how to create loyal customers so you can retain them is one of the most important things for a business.  So why is gaining new customers an issue when servicing existing customers is so important ? Continue reading “The average value of a lost customer is $243”

Focus on your branded website, not social media

iStockForrester found that visiting a company’s website is the number one way fans prefer to stay in touch with the brands [/inlinetweet]they love, outranking Facebook all the way down at number five.   While their Facebook pages are brimming with exciting, yet unseen content, brand websites may be neglected – at a high cost to community interaction. Continue reading “Focus on your branded website, not social media”