Consumers & consumer behavior

Advertising is NOT dead

notdeadOK, I’m a new media person and love digital marketing, but let’s make one thing clear “traditional advertising is not dead”.  While more brands are shifting dollars to digital they may be making a huge mistake as consumers just don’t have time to go to every website that strikes their interest. Continue reading »

Is your brand social media worthy ?

short attention spanThe ‘purchase funnel’ is no longer relevant. Customers are experiencing your brand everywhere. That audience is drawn into an experience, a brand, or a product when a social experience is present. The next era of marketing centers on facilitating brand-relevant social experiences to any digital touchpoint.  But is this true for every brand and product ?  My belief is no, it’s not. Continue reading »

Why marketers need to learn all they can about their target audience(s)

40things002Yesterday I posted a story URL on LinkedIn called “Millennials are over Israel: A new generation, outraged over Gaza, rejects Washington’s reflexive support” to which one of my connections asked “why post a story like this on LinkedIn?”.  Another contact replied “anyone in business needs to understand the changing attitudes as they relate to all business concerns. We have a generation that does not have an emotional connection to the past and different way of investigating information in real time . This plus the use of social media tools shows how they are shaping public policy. These approaches can be applied to other areas, such as policy that affects business concerns, or how the interaction affects PR. This article merely showed an example that was political, but alerted us to the sees difference emerging, and thus is highly relevant.”  I could not agree more. Continue reading »

Households continue to find ways to pinch pennies to make ends meet

careful consumersAccording to Gallup: Americans’ careful spending habits characterize an economy still struggling to get on its feet and households continuing to find ways to pinch pennies to make ends meet.  The poll results underscore the tension between doing what is right for the larger economy — spending more — and doing what is right for one’s personal economy — spending responsibly and reducing expenses. Using coupons, price shopping, buying store brands or generics, and sticking to a budget are some of the ways Americans are trying to do more with less. A majority of consumers are using coupons when they shop, suggesting that coupon use, as well as other ways of obtaining price discounts, is firmly entrenched in the American consumer’s mindset. Continue reading »

Top content? Discounts

contentkngContent, we all say that content is king, but do consumers really have the time to read all that content? Not according to a new survey from FleishmanHillard. The big takeaway here seems to be that coupons (76%) and promotions (59%) still rank highly in the hierarchy of information a company can provide.   Continue reading »

Don’t just meet consumer expectations, exceed them but know what to exceed

Meeting customer expectations is one of the three most important reasons that an organization has to adopt digital applications according to a new report that I just read.  That statement, in my opinion, is wrong.  Every brand has to not only meet consumer expectations they have to exceed them to keep customers loyal.   However before you can exceed expectations you need to know exactly what expectations consumers have for your brand. Continue reading »

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