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The eCommerce lies

When it comes to internet headlines we’re easily impressed, mislead, and bullied by sneaky or irrelevant data, meaningless charts, fast talking metrics monkeys, and cement-head marketing mavens who know even less than we do.  The bottom line is that online commerce constitutes just 6% of retail activity and good old brick and mortar retail activity constitutes 94% yet writers love to try and make headlines about the rise of ecommerce.  Continue reading

No, P&G isn’t losing customers because they are ignoring Milennials

According to Pamela N. Danziger over at Forbes the reason that P&G sales are down is because they don’t kno3 how to market to Millennials.  She goes on to quote the CEO of P&G who says “consumers used to trust big brands; many millennials now distrust big brands and seek out purpose led brands”  Really? Continue reading

Content Marketing: You’ve been sold a bridge again

imagesOne of the great marketing con jobs of our time is “content marketing” promoted by the same people who inflated the social media bubble.  Last week, a marketing analytics firm called Beckon reported some statistics about content that should sober up even the most delusional content maniac:

– 19 of 20 pieces of content (95%) get little to no engagement.

Continue reading