Brand Fail

The irrational consumer

screenshot_15Why do marketers continue to try and talk to consumers like they are rational people?  That’s a question that we need to think about as consumers take out their anger on some brands while other brands, who screw up, are given a pass. Continue reading »

P&G’s emphasis on digital falls flat

imagesUnless you have been on a remote island it was hard to miss the news that P&G intends to shed more than half of its brands.  According to P&G “some of our big brands are in industries that are not very attractive: they’re not growing or low margin or commodities. If it’s not a core brand – I don’t care whether it’s a $2 billion brand, it will be divested.”  So much for improving marketing with an emphasis on digital. Continue reading »

IBM: Brand strategy wanted

wantedThink of IBM for a second and what comes to mind?  Once synonymous with computers, software and servers IBM’s CEO is demonstrating why some CEO’s are not cut out to lead, but rather to take shortcuts to make sure the stock price remains high.  However a closer look, via Business Week, is a clear indication that IBM is getting their clock cleaned. Continue reading »

Apple: Where has your innovation gone?

noinnovationThe Apple acquisition of Beats shows that Apple is on a downward spiral as a brand.  There I said it and before all you Apple zealots get your bowels in a snit let me explain.  The strength of Apple has always been in the simplification and excellence of its products.  You’ve probably seen Beats by Dre headphones around before — they’re incredibly trendy. The company’s annual sales revenue is reportedly around $1.5 billion.  But are they good? The consensus is a big, fat “no.” Beats can cost upward of $379, and a chorus of music geeks argue they’re not worth the price. ”In terms of sound performance, they are among the worst you can buy,” Tyll Hertsens, editor-in-chief of the audiophile site told the New York Times in 2011. He called them “extraordinarily bad.”  Has any Apple product been classified as the worst you can buy? Continue reading »

90% of marketers are not trained in marketing performance and ROI

Performance-IconA new study has lambasted marketers’ financial skills and the marketing programs run by education providers, claiming that as many as 90% of marketers are not trained in marketing performance and ROI, partly due to the fact that nine out of 10 marketing courses don’t have a unit focused on the topic.  Because of this educational void, 80% of marketers struggle to properly demonstrate the business effectiveness of their marketing spending, campaigns and activities to their top management, the report says. Continue reading »

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