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Has “common sense” marketing left the room?

Men are more responsive to online ads than women, according to an eye-tracking study by picture provider Shutterstock.  Men looked at the ads for 0.4 seconds longer than females (0.9 seconds vs 0.5 seconds) while noticing a third of the ads in the study, compared to a quarter for women.  This is an example of useless research and is a clear indication that some research companies don’t have any common sense. Continue reading

Northwestern University marketing professor gets it wrong

A study, done by Mr. Grayson and Mathew Isaac, a professor at Seattle University, and published in April in the Journal of Consumer Research, surveyed 400 participants regarding 20 common tactics used in television and digital ads. Thirteen of the tactics elicited favorable responses, which surprised even marketers. When you reside in academia instead of the real world you live with blinders on. Continue reading

IAB on ad blockers: Good research or biased?

adblockersAd blockers are appearing everywhere and are now available for desktop as well as mobile browsers.  The IAB recently conducted research and according to their report consumers would be willing to delete ad blockers if advertisers could “assure users of site safety: Provide guarantees that site and ads are secure, malware and virus-free, and won’t slow down browsing”.  Uh, No. Continue reading

Simply Measured “State of Social Marketing” report an embarrassment

Celebrities-Top-5-Most-Embarrassing-Moments-on-Stage-650x434You have to be careful when downloading white papers from the Internet as most are disguised to try and sell you on a new service.  The latest is a report from Simply Measured on the State of Social Marketing.  While the online marketers are trying to cut through online ad fraud, BOTS, and the decline of social media they actually suggest “social media is a growing focus for marketing teams: The percentage of social media teams that live within the marketing organization has grown from 49% in 2015 to 63.2% in 2016”.  I work for/with a lot of consumer marketers and I can safely say that almost all of them are cutting social media marketing budgets and people. Continue reading

No, TV budgets won’t be shifting to social

bullshiteMarketer believes the conversation about social and TV will change. For buyers who want the best way to reach their audience, the growing video businesses of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat now present a viable alternative to TV. Really? Even as more and more data indicates consumers don’t want marketers in their social media? Continue reading

A few thoughts on Forrester…

keep-calm-because-this-is-bullshitForrester, the respected market research company, has a history of releasing reports that cast Facebook in a bad light in the eyes of advertisers.  Forrester’s Nate Elliott says Facebook’s move to continue to chop down the organic reach of brands’ Facebook posts and the fact that marketers continue to be dissatisfied with the performance of their Facebook Pages point to the fact that brands “don’t actually have social relationships with their customers.” He adds that it is time for marketers — who have been wasting “significant financial, technological, and human resources on social networks that don’t deliver value” (which also includes Twitter, in this report) — to explore new techniques such as using smaller social networks (which are less cluttered than Facebook and Twitter because they currently have fewer users and advertisers clogging up the News Feed and by adding social relationship tools to their own websites.  Should you listen to Forresers advice? Continue reading