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Top marketing challenge? Proving ROI

According to a survey, the top three marketing challenges of respondents is “proving the ROI of marketing activities”, “collaborating between departments/offices” and “adapting to changing consumer behaviors”. While proving marketing ROI remains a top challenge, marketing departments are struggling to keep up to pace with changing consumer behaviors.

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Advertising to Generation Z

Generation Z, who have grown up with a smartphone in their hand, is now on the cusp of adulthood. Technology is an essential tool that has blended seamlessly into their lives from the start. The digital world is all they have ever known. Brands need to adapt quickly to the values and attitudes of this generation if they expect to keep pace and remain relevant to this audience.

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Always-On Marketing Study

razorfishstudyPOST SUMMARYRazorfish defines Always-On Marketing as data-driven, content-led experiences, delivered across channels and devices in real time.  Very few businesses are equipped to compete in real time, and most struggle with the most basic technology and marketing programs.  What’s driving the need to become an Always-On marketer? The pace of change and intensity of disruption is accelerating, fueled by an increase in socially connected people who are today’s mainstream. These consumers access brands multiple times per day — and spend more time online, on more devices and in more locations than ever before. Continue reading