Digital marketing: Just how bad is it?

how bad digital marketingIn a renewed effort to lure a bigger share of the advertising dollars that now flow to major TV networks, Google’s YouTube is making a number of concessions long sought by marketers, ad executives say and the headline reads ” Facebook Exec Snarkily Confirms Brands’ Big Fear: Their Content Isn’t Important“. So what’s going on here?  A little something called accountability, which most social media “experts” have been able to dodge. Continue reading »

Have marketers given up social media ROI?

inexperiencedPOST SUMMARY:  A recent article suggested that marketers are moving away from social media ROI because “they’ve realized that social media isn’t a transactional engine or sales machine.”  I would counter that the reason many marketers are moving away from social media is that they are frustrated trying to measure ROI and don’t have the depth in web analytics to really determine if their investment in social media marketing is really warranted. Continue reading »

Invest in digital analytics fundamentals

googleanalyticsAt its best digital analytics can help marketers optimize their website to provide a better ROI.  At it’s worst, digital analytics can provide vanity metrics, like total website visitors, that have little to do with branding & marketing.   As 78% of marketers are feeling pressured to become more data-driven marketers have to learn to use the right analytics that provide meaningful and actionable insights. Continue reading »

Big data can lead to mistakes

Big-Data-and-Marketing-Myth-BustersIt seems that a lot of todays marketing trends come from buzzwords and one the most used is “big data”.  It has been promised by journalists who masquerade as analysts that “big data is the life’s blood of marketing”.  That is a false promise. Continue reading »

Analytics: From data to insights

overwhelmedwithdataPost Summary: Today’s marketers are being overwhelmed with all types of marketing data but a lot of this data may not be actionable.  To really ensure that your online analytics is delivering on your marketing objectives organizations need people who can intercept the incoming data and tell a story to senior managers that clearly identifies opportunities. Continue reading »

Put an end to “big data” and start Analytics 3.0

all-you-need-to-know-about-big-dataAll over the Web there are a lot of infographics that convey data points but I would argue that data without analytics to help us understand why, how and where are pretty much meaningless.  In fact I would suggest that big data is over-hyped and that the real gold for marketers is the use of analytics that help us better understand consumers and customers. Continue reading »

Web Analytics 3.0 mind-set and strategy

More and more I am reading that marketers are demanding more accountability from digital marketing which is ironic because there are already a lot of ways to measure everything you do online.   However the Web Analytics 3.0 mind-set and strategy call for robust qualitative and quantitative analysis in your web analytics approach with specific goals: to understand the customer experience explicitly and to then influence customer behavior on your site.  It also calls for people who understand online behavior and can turn online marketing into a business driver. Continue reading »

Comscore: Online video increases 800% over last 6 years

comscorereportComscore’s Digital World in Focus has some amazing statistics for marketers.  Among the findings..Internet use surging on a global basis and the U.S. is no longer center of the digital world. China now has world’s largest desktop user base.Google, Microsoft and Facebook are the top three global properties . Facebook dominates social networking on a global basis  Google dominates search in all regions with the exception of Asia-Pac. 1.3 billion people around the world watch online video on a monthly basis, with strong growth occurring in number of viewers and videos viewed. YouTube dominates. With the availability of smartphones and tablets, the multi-platform omnivore has emerged. But, it’s not a zero-sum game: More devices result in more time on all devices, including TV. In-flight optimization of digital media plans in terms of reach, frequency, targeting and viewability can dramatically increase ROI. Here is New Media and Marketing’s take.. Continue reading »

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