Commercials are meant to sell, not entertain

soapbox_webIf you watched the NFL playoffs, how many of those commercials actually made you want to buy the product advertised? The ad industry continues on a path towards irrelevance as brands fund ads that do nothing but pay the agencies for their time. Continue reading “Commercials are meant to sell, not entertain”

Reaching Today’s Boomers & Seniors Online


    The Internet is an everyday part of boomers’ and seniors’ lives; it is the top source for gathering information on topics of interest, outpacing TV and print media by a substantial margin. As an advertiser, it is critical to be present across many digital platforms in order to engage this audience. Online video, search, and social networks build upon each other.

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Disconnect between awareness and conversion

Disconnect1Awareness, of most brands and products, is not going to lead to conversion. You may be aware of the new Kia but when it comes time to buy a new care Kia may not even be on your list for consideration.  There is a disconnect between awareness and conversion.
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The ad industry is woefully out of touch

713644918_reality_check_xlargeConsumers are downloading Ad Block software in droves and more and more TV viewers are time shifting rather than sit through commercials yet the ad industry, with trade magazines like Adweek and Ad Age, still talk about the most buzzworthy spots as if that buzz is going to translate into sales. Continue reading “The ad industry is woefully out of touch”

How brands killed social media marketing

large_8560618867 Mike Proulx at Ad Age says “social media marketing is now advertising. It’s largely a media planning and buying exercise — emphasizing viewed impressions. Brands must pay if they really want their message to be seen. It’s the opposite of connecting or listening — it’s once again broadcasting.”  He couldn’t be more right and we have brands and agencies to thank for the this demise. Continue reading “How brands killed social media marketing”

How much should you spend on digital marketing?

Leadgenix, a national digital marketing firm, has created the first ever Digital Marketing Budget Calculator to help companies figure out with just 3 quick questions how much they should be spending on digital marketing. Check it out! Continue reading “How much should you spend on digital marketing?”

Consumers to brands: Stop irrelevant ads!

Unknown96% of consumers acknowledge having received mistargeted promotional information and 94% have taken steps to break off communication, including automatically deleting emails, unsubscribing from lists and never visiting the site again.  In short, consumers don’t like offers they consider irrelevant to their interests and needs. Continue reading “Consumers to brands: Stop irrelevant ads!”