A new age of advertising nirvana is too optimistic

The total market value of a basket of a dozen firms that depend on ad revenue, or are devising their strategies around a growing online ad market which has risen by 126% to $2.1trn over the past five years. The part of the economy that is ad-centric has become systemically important, with a market value that is larger than the banking industry.

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People feel overwhelmed, interrupted, and stalked by bad digital ads

Ad blocker usage surged 30% in 2016 , according to a new report from PageFair, a company that helps publishers regain revenue lost to the software. There were 615 million devices blocking ads worldwide by the end of 2016, 62% (308 million) of those mobile. Desktop ad blocker usage grew 17% year-on-year to 236 million.  PageFair noted that 90% of ad blocker users surveyed have encountered an “ad block wall” that blocked them from viewing content unless they disabled their ad blocker. However, almost three-quarters (74%) of those users said they simply left those websites rather than performing the steps required to whitelist them.

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Coke decides a Super Bowl commercial can save sagging soda sales

Carbonated soda volume declined 1.2% in 2015, an acceleration from 2014’s 0.9% drop, as the biggest three players in the category all reported falling demand, according to a new report from industry tracker Beverage Digest. The group also reported that annual per capita consumption of carbonated soft drinks dropped to about 650 eight-ounce servings in 2015 – the lowest since 1985. So a special Super Bowl spot is going to change that? Continue reading

80% of US Households still use FSI’s and printed info for product information

Even as consumers embrace digital channels for retailer marketing, traditional touch points have a bigger effect on product choices than digital according to Nielsen. Retailers should maintain and optimize spending on traditional circulars, since these will continue to be shoppers’ main source of information for the near term. Continue reading

Should brands remain neutral in politics?

There is no doubt that we live in a politically polarizing environment which has become worse under the current administration.  Some brands have taken a stand and in the process, they have been crucified on social media and other media.  Should brands take a stand and speak up at injustices or should they not take sides. Continue reading