92% ignore at least one type of ad

online advertising relevancePOST SUMMARY: Fully 92% of Americans ignore at least one type of ad, including: Online – 82% Television – 37% Radio – 36% Newspaper – 35%.  The online ads Americans are most likely to ignore included: online banner ads (73%), followed by social media ads (62%), and search engine ads (59%). The highest wage earners, those with a household income of $100k+ per year, were statistically more likely than those households making less than $50k per year (86% vs. 78%, respectively) to say they ignore online ads. Continue reading »

Will digital media overtake TV?

wrong media forecastPOST SUMMARY: The prediction that digital media will overtake TV in 2018 is not based, in my opinion, on real world scenarios and does not take into account how TV will change to meet consumer needs. Continue reading »

Very few people are looking at native ads

Oops-How-to-Recover-From-a-Financial-Resolution-Slip-UpsWriting for, Chartbeat CEO Tony Haile says that while 71 percent of surfers will stick with a “real” article for more than 15 seconds, that number drops to 24 percent for native ad stuff.  “What this suggests is that brands are paying for — and publishers are driving traffic to — content that does not capture the attention of its visitors or achieve the goals of its creators,” Haile says. Continue reading »

TV ads still first in awareness

UnknownAccording to Ipsos the number one way to create awareness around new brands and products is with TV ads followed closely with friends and family and the Internet.  However Deloitte reports that one-quarter of consumers multitask while watching TV.  My guess is that number is a lot higher when it comes to watching TV while commercials are on plus consumers have the last channel button on their remotes allowing them to watch something else  while commercials air. Continue reading »

personalization: The future of marketing?

 personalizationreportMarketers are sharpening their focus in 2014. They are building smarter, more effective strategies and teams that will drive the best possible results driven by the need to show that marketing can drive business objectives.  According to a study from Conversant personalization is driving marketing, but is that true for all products? Continue reading »

How Super Bowl ads should be measured

adbottomlineSo let me ask you a question; Did any of the Super Bowl spots make you want to consider or to become a customer of the brands advertised ?  Probably not, but once again we’re talking about Super Bowl commercial winners and losers when the real winners are the ones that actually add to the brands’ bottom line. Continue reading »

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