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Creative, passionate digital marketing professional with over 15 years of distinguished performance in consumer packaged goods and healthcare online marketing. Broad-based background encompasses exceptional business skills and a commitment to brand marketing objectives within highly competitive and rapidly changing marketplaces. Proactive manager, team builder, teacher and marketing strategist with the proven ability to win over key organizational influencers. Recognized for developing ground breaking, customer focused marketing initiatives with the proven ability to face challenges head-on and execute sound marketing decisions.

Comscore: Multiplatform world, but desktops still biggest piece

screenshot_517Desktop audiences and time have been complemented, rather than replaced by mobile devices.  Desktop still offers large (albeit more focused) demographics and for particular types of content, it is still the platform for scale. Reach and frequency management for advertisers needs to account for multi-platform usage.

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Focus on your branded website, not social media

iStockForrester found that visiting a company’s website is the number one way fans prefer to stay in touch with the brands [/inlinetweet]they love, outranking Facebook all the way down at number five.   While their Facebook pages are brimming with exciting, yet unseen content, brand websites may be neglected – at a high cost to community interaction. Continue reading

TV still rules time for consumers

woman TVFor consumers, having content options is no longer a luxury, but an imperative.  But having a plethora of content options at our collective fingertips doesnʼt necessarily mean consumers are connecting with ALL choices ALL of the time. In fact, according to the second quarter Nielsen Total Audience Report, behaviors and usage are unique to the device being used. Consumers still spend most of their time on traditional platforms , but they also look to explore the wide range of content channels made available by new media.

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