How to create a great digital strategy

How to create a great digital strategy

strategy-document-plus-grade-great-successful-plan-review-yellow-envelope-getting-as-achieving-success-good-43759524When I meet with clients I am often told “we want to create a great online experience”, however, saying it and actually executing it are two different things.  Over the course of ten years experience here is my list of how to create a winning digital strategy that delivers on brand/business objectives. Continue reading “How to create a great digital strategy”

Simply Measured “State of Social Marketing” report an embarrassment

Celebrities-Top-5-Most-Embarrassing-Moments-on-Stage-650x434You have to be careful when downloading white papers from the Internet as most are disguised to try and sell you on a new service.  The latest is a report from Simply Measured on the State of Social Marketing.  While the online marketers are trying to cut through online ad fraud, BOTS, and the decline of social media they actually suggest “social media is a growing focus for marketing teams: The percentage of social media teams that live within the marketing organization has grown from 49% in 2015 to 63.2% in 2016”.  I work for/with a lot of consumer marketers and I can safely say that almost all of them are cutting social media marketing budgets and people. Continue reading “Simply Measured “State of Social Marketing” report an embarrassment”

The sad attraction to phony social media experts

screenshot_82There was quite a debate on LinkedIn around a post by Gary Vaynerchuk, the self promotional social media marketing expert who continues to be worshipped by fart sniffing marketers who are too ignorant to understand how to market their products.  Now that social media marketing is all but defunct, he continues his down the path to self importance. Continue reading “The sad attraction to phony social media experts”

The power of effective POP displays: 76% of grocery purchases unplanned

The in-store decision rate is calculated by taking the sum of the purchases that fall under Generally Planned, Unplanned, and Substitutes categories. Today the in-store decision rate has reached an all time high of 76%.Shoppers are specifically planning less and deciding more at the shelf, suggesting today’s shopper is more flexible than ever.  And you thought social media was driving their purchase decisions… Continue reading “The power of effective POP displays: 76% of grocery purchases unplanned”

The era of hashtag activism

The dark side of social media is something called “hashtag activism”. Hashtag activism,” allows people to do little more than hit “post” and feel as though they’ve made an impact on brands.  Some brands, like Starbucks, understand how to fight back against hashtag activism, but other brands and people are so afraid that they will retreat in their caves and things to apologize for everything including changes in the weather. Continue reading “The era of hashtag activism”