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I am a creative, passionate digital marketing professional and contrarian with over 17 years of in branding and online marketing.

I am a marketing contrarian because when you work in an environment of integrity and trust you should always respectfully challenge other people’s thinking.  When we all agree with each other out of politeness we are doing ourselves and our brand a disservice.

Ideas should be tested, vetted and challenged so that every possible perspective is considered – and I hope that my colleagues would expect the same from me as long as the argument is grounded in objective fact and it’s delivered constructively and simply as possible, Being the contrarian can be the most important role in an organization.

I live in Naples, Florida and I am part of a consulting organization consisting of highly experienced IT and consumer marketing people.  I have clients in Cambridge, Ma as well as in the Midwest and West Coast.  To me marketing is a passion and as such I never work, but tackle new assignments with passion and excellence.

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2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Jack Bishop

    Hi Team newmediaandmarketing,

    This is Jack Bishop, I see that you are accepting guest posts on your blog- newmediaandmarketing.com and I would like to contribute an article if you are still open to the idea.

    I have the following content ideas in my mind that I would like to pitch to you

    Titles :
    1.Why Keeping Your Customers Happy is More Critical Than Ever
    2.3 Benefits of Having an Inventory Management System
    3.3 Reasons to Use an Online Loyalty Program

    Please let me know what you think of it, the article would meet all your quality guidelines and I’m positive that you will like it. Please allow me to send it over for review or guide me how to proceed.

    Awaiting your response.



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