Monthly Archives: September 2017

Today’s consumers have become the “new experts”

Buyers today no longer care who they buy from. They expect their favorite search engines will be able to connect them instantaneously to dozens of sellers who have similar stuff to sell . To survive in this kind of environment, you’ve got to stop thinking like a seller and start thinking like a buyer. You’ve got to do the things which will make your business the customer’s first choice, especially at the four decisive customer moments.

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Why you should rethink programmatic ad buying

Today’s online ads are not about getting in front of as many people as you can, they are about getting relevant ads in front of highly targeted people. Programmatic buying usually produces pretty low engagement ratesStandard display advertising ads bought programmatically have very low CTR’s, about 0.18% of standard media, according to Google’s analysis. In other words, you get what you pay for. If you want cheap ads, you can expect very little in terms of effectiveness. Continue reading

Retailers & Service Providers still don’t get social media

I live in an area that has been hard hit by hurricane Irma.  However, we, like a lot of other people, had ample warning and were able to evacuate safely.  You would think that retailers and service providers would have triggered resources to help them provide good customer service but they still don’t get social media. Continue reading

What your website says about you

Your company or branded website communicates who you are to your target audience.  The question is now whether it works for you the question is “how many sales are you losing because of your website ?”   Today the best websites are one which are clean and functional and communicate your key brand messages within a few seconds.  It starts with black text on a white background but it also needs look professional and not like it was done by someone at home with a computer and Internet connection. Continue reading